Activité Rencontre Bruxelles:

Activité Rencontre Bruxelles

activité rencontre bruxelles

Who can play this game? Riddle games and escape games in particular is an activity not for a narrow circle of gamers and escapers only, but for a much wider audience of people who want to feel adrenaline and are looking for a new play experiences. You can come over with friends, beloved ones, with colleagues and of course your family with children, because we do not exclude kids despite enigmatic character of the game.

It's a pleasure which you can take and share both in the summer or in the winter, during the week and on weekends. When can we come over to play? All year round we are looking for things to fill your days, evenings, weekends and school holidays when it comes to families with kids. Beside amusement and lesure parks, movies and other shows of all kinds escape room becomes a great opportunity to widen your range of entertainment. From now on excuse "what to do" is no longer valid - you can reserve your room whether it is morning, day, evening, weekend and holidays.

Escape game welcomes you to live 60 minutes full of new sensations! If you are about to visit Belgium for business, tourism or just for fun, don't hesitate to book a visit to our escape room. If we do not find the exit, do we stay locked? Players are never left alone locked in the room subject to unknown.

Moderator of the game has different techniques and resort to help of cameras to intervene at any moment to help the group if they are stuck. He can give a boost to the game at any moment to help group to not lose too much time.

Another great thing about this concept which makes it so attractive and explains the growing success of the game is that it can be played in very different sets and scenarios. I am claustrophobic! We often use term "locked. But in reality all spaces are fairly large and sound. Don't be afraid. I am pregnant! We will not seize you or even scare you. Any physical efforts required to run the game can be done by one of your friends who is less pregnant than you!

I am disabled and use wheelchair We are used to managing most disabilities. Also do not forget, the game is done in groups. It is therefore up to the group to complete each other in the different stages of the game. In the case of wheelchairs, the space is big enough to accommodate it and there is no staircase to access the Manneken Pis game. There is just a small curb on the way to the Bank Robbery game.

Who invented the concept of escape game? Originally Asian entertainment was born about a decade ago in the form of video games on console and was quickly transposed into the real. This success allowed escape games to relocate and land in Europe primarily in the East part of it - Budapest is known to be the European capital of the escape game.

Today no any capital or large city can resist the phenomenon, Brussels for its part counting already more than a dozen games. I solved all the riddles and want more.. Keep in mind that we are thinking every day about developing of a new game. Meanwhile, the concept is gaining momentum and more and more rooms open across the city!

There are already 3 in the rue Saint-Jean! Here are the rooms which, in our opinion, are worth visiting: There you have the choice between 3 themes: Sherlocked as you might have understood the theme of this room is based on the famous Sherlock Holmes , Mr Frogg's residence we all heard about the trip round the world in 80 Days of Phileas J. Fogg, try and live his journey , Mayan temple find yourself in verdant jungles right in front of a Mayan pyramid. Escape prod: This room is ideal for groups of 2 to 6 people.

Lucky Luke introduces you to the Daltons' escape put yourself in the shoes of a Dalton and organise your escape from your cell and Blacksad private detective here you will put yourself in the skin of this detective - a dangerous criminal has information about you, try to enter his den to get this info.

Escape hunt: This is a group that is present all over the world, including the capital of Europe, Brussels. Here you have the choice between 3 different rooms, and even have the opportunity to do competitions between 2 groups in case you are more than 6 people. The 3 themes are: The Manneken Pis Flight, Mystery at the Canal Bar you have one hour to rescue your teammate using compromising information that is in possession of your indicator , Kidnapping at the Opera singer of a show at the theater of La Monnaie disappeared, you have an hour to find her.

Let me out: Perfect for small groups of 2 to 4 people. You can choose between 3 rooms with different themes: Spaceship you get stuck in a spacecraft that have lost control, the only worry is that it was made to self-destruct in case of intrusion , Alice in Wonderland find yourself with your friends in the world of Alice: Chamber challenge: There are 2 rooms: The Boudoir celebrity is dead, you are locked in a room and the only way to get out is to find the culprit , The lab you're in Dr.

Doom's laboratory and he's on the verge of using his knowledge in genetics to create a race of super human. This venue has 2 rooms: The Maffia Room infiltrate the office of a rival family and look for information on their network , Apocalypse you are stuck in empty cells and only have one hour to escape. Other escape rooms outside Brussels: Evasion Room.

Activité Rencontre Bruxelles

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