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Either You or We may terminate your membership at any time, for any reason, with or without explanation, effective upon sending written or email notice to the other party. Upon such termination without cause, We shall refund, pro rata, any unused portion of any subscription payments that We have received from You.

Time is deducted or charged on a per-minute basis. Membership packages will be charged a 10 minute maintenance fee for each 30 day period that the membership was not used, calculated from the date of last use. Memberships other than free memberships or trials will be deactivated after 90 days of non-usage, but may be re-activated by the Member upon contacting customer services. Any minutes charged for maintenance fee during the period of non-usage will not be refunded.

If your usage of the Service is terminated because of your breach of this Agreement or because of your voluntary deactivation or termination of your membership, any unused minutes will automatically and immediately be forfeited. He did not know her, but saw in her features the distant echo of his bloodline. All thoughts of empires and power were forgotten as he lifted this daughter of Shurima and bore her to what had once been the Oasis of the Dawn. The oasis was empty and dry, but with every step Azir took, clear water began filling the rocky basin.

And with that act of selflessness, Azir was lifted up in a column of fire as the magic of Shurima renewed him, remaking him as the Ascended being he was meant to become. Azir lifted his arms and his ruined city shrugged off the dust of centuries spent beneath the desert to rise anew. He wept as he saw his family murdered, his empire fall and his power stolen. Only now, millennia too late, did he finally understand the depths of hatred harbored by his former friend and ally. With the power and prescience of an Ascended being, Azir sensed Xerath somewhere abroad in the world and summoned an army of sand warriors to march alongside their reborn emperor.

As the sun blazed from the golden disc above him, Azir swore a mighty oath. I will reclaim my lands and take back what was mine!

I will make it so again. The soft, shadowy light of predawn seeped through his city. The brightest stars still shone overhead, though they would soon be snuffed out by the rising sun. The night sky was not as Azir remembered it; the stars and the constellations were misaligned. Millennia had passed. When last he had walked this path, an honor guard of 10, elite warriors had marched in his wake, and the cheers of the crowd had shaken the city.

It was to have been his moment of glory — yet it had been stolen from him. Now, it was a city of ghosts. What had become of his people? With an imperious gesture, Azir commanded the sands beside the roadway to rise, creating living statues.

This was a vision of the past, the echoes of Shurima given form. The sand figures looked forward, heads tilted toward the immense Sun Disc hanging above the Dais of Ascension half a league ahead. The daughter of Shurima who awakened him, she who bore his lineage, was gone.

He sensed her out in the desert. Blood bound them together. Mouths opened wide in silent screams. They turned to run, stumbling and falling. Azir watched this all in despairing silence, bearing witness to the last moments of his people. They were obliterated by a wave of unseen energy, reduced to dust and cast to the winds. What had gone wrong with his Ascension to unleash this catastrophe? Azir's focus narrowed. His march became more resolute. He reached the base of the Stairs of Ascension and began to climb, taking them five at a time.

Only his most trusted soldiers, the priesthood, and those of the royal bloodline were allowed to step foot upon the Stairs. Sand versions of these most favored subjects lined his path, faces upturned, grimacing and wailing in silence before they too were swept away by the winds.

He ran, taking the steps faster than any man could, talons digging into the stonework, carving furrows where they caught. Sand figures rose, and were then destroyed, to either side of him as he climbed.

He reached the top. Here, he saw the final circle of onlookers: His family. Azir dropped to his knees. His family was before him, rendered in perfect, heartbreaking detail. His wife, heavy with child. His shy daughter, clutching his wife's hand. His son, standing tall, on the brink of becoming a man.

In horror, Azir saw their expressions change. Though he knew what was to come, he could not look away. His daughter hid her face in the folds of his wife's dress; his son reached for his sword, shouting in defiance. His wife The unseen event blasted them to nothingness.

His Ascended form rendered that simple act of grief forever lost to him. With a heavy heart, he pushed himself to his feet. The question remained as to how his bloodline survived, for it most assuredly had. The final echo awaited. He advanced, halting one step below the dais, and watched as it all played out before him, reenacted in the sand.

He saw himself, in his mortal form, rise up into the air beneath the Sun Disc, arms wide and back arched. He remembered this moment.

The power coursed through him, infusing his being, filling him with its divine strength. A newcomer formed in the sand. His trusted bondsman, his magus, Xerath. His friend uttered a silent word. Azir watched himself shatter like glass, exploding into motes of sand. Where did such hate come from?

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