Baekhyun And Taeyeon Dating Kiss:

Baekhyun And Taeyeon Dating Kiss

baekhyun and taeyeon dating kiss

The butterflies he felt when he first heard Donghyuck sing about love. The stutter in his heartbeat when Donghyuck came to cheer for him at his rap competition, looking more nervous than Mark was feeling. The ache in his chest whenever he had to part from Donghyuck for days at a time. It was all starting to come together, starting to make sense. The way Mark never got mad whenever Donghyuck teased him, even if sometimes it went a bit overboard.

The way that Donghyuck was always on his mind, even when he was right in front of Mark, even when he was away from Mark. Mark Lee liked Lee Donghyuck. It was as simple as that.

He now knew what those knowing looks Baekhyun and Jongin were exchanging meant. How was he supposed to act? Mark thinks back to all the times he acted like a complete fool in front of the younger.

Yeah, but he likes me platonically. To that, Mark thinks Ten should consider: He knew it was next to impossible for the younger to consider him as a potential romantic interest.

He knew Mark inside out, all the good and all the bad. Unfortunately for Mark, who had never even considered the importance of making good impressions on potential love interests, he had showed the younger most of his bad sides.

Ah, well. Such is life. Mark reckons he should just accept his impending doom of Donghyuck finding out and inevitable heartbreak due to Donghyuck rejecting him. However, the SuperM members had no intentions of letting that happen whatsoever.

With that, Operation: It was clear that both of them already had feelings for the other. Therefore, the objective was not to make them realise their own feelings.

Hence, the course of action decided by the Avengers of K-Pop, as dubbed by SM, was to make them watch a romantic movie together. Taeyong fidgeted nervously, sweat starting to form. Mark, being the whipped boy that he is for Donghyuck, reluctantly agreed soon after.

Feeling most of the tension leaving his body, Taeyong let out an inaudible sigh of relief. His job here was done. Taeyong wanted to pull his hair out. The second task was entrusted upon Yukhei and Ten. The plan was to get Mark and Donghyuck to have dinner with the WayV members. The WayV members will then ditch them halfway through the meal or maybe even before the meal starts, and they will be forced into having a romantic dinner together.

Ten hoped that their obliviousness would not lead them to question why a group of nine males were eating at a secluded, fancy restaurant that couples usually frequent. The first half of the plan went quite well. Neither Mark nor Donghyuck had questioned the weird choice of location and just went with the flow. The trouble began during the second half of the plan. With much difficulty and hell load of persuasion on Kun's part, WayV was finally able to leave the premises.

He had a strange feeling about this. Mark was about to contemplate further when Donghyuck stole a small piece of steak from his plate, causing his train of thought to disappear. Donghyuck merely responded by sticking out his tongue. The food war ensued, with their noise level gradually increasing. Almost running out of ideas, the SuperM members were contemplating the available strategies they had left. They were huddled together on the floor of their practice room, mahjong paper and markers strewn about as they debated their next move.

Baekhyun was proposing the idea of enlisting the EXOs for help when Mark entered the room, his hand that was holding a phone stopping mid-air. Mark raised an eyebrow. Mark raised another eyebrow. It has a Michelin star, for crying out loud! The free movie tickets, the spontaneous hang out, getting ditched at said spontaneous hang out. Mark moved closer to the members, reading the contents of the mahjong paper and lowering his phone in the process.

I- what? Yukhei offered none. Mark heaved a deep sigh. It was silent for approximately five seconds.

Operation: Love - leedonghyucks - NCT (Band) [Archive of Our Own]

Most of which are telling Bacon to man up and stop letting Taeyeon take all the heat. This is the beginning! The trip for my dreams! Blog Archive But at the same time, the more I read from the fans who are hurt by this, the more I'm kinda like, y'all could have kept this shit in between you. It went from the simple congratz. Obviously Baekhyun's name stands for black and white There's still more. Something is wrong with this picture. Absolutely none, of what the fans really do for these idols.

Ever wonder why Tao has a phone that costs over 5 thousand dollars? Shouldn't it be the other way around? There is also reactions like mine which looked like As the day has worn on with it come changes in reactions. Do you see where I'm going with this? One of a kind things? Should I even mention that there is an obvious picture missing? She doesn't even look surprised. Taeyeon had previously written on Instagram, "Fresh. This is what I wrote to someone that asked me: International fans have NO clue.

Either you're dumb, or you wanted to get caught. She is said to have watched him practicing alone until dawn. Q What is the common interest of the couple? That made him feel that he lags behind fellow members.

Taeyeon was his mentor. He relied on her a lot and she supported him. Are there any pet names for each other? When they talk, they speak casually without titles such as older sister, a sign of their close relationship.

The two were suspected of dating among fans, but how? Some fans noticed that Baekhyun and Taeyeon wore the same item such as bracelets, headphones or sunglasses. They also posted selfies in similar postures on their respective Instagram. Last January, Taeyeon posted a photo of a mug with her face printed on it.

Fans suspected that Taengkoong had indicated Taeyeon and Baekhyun. This is when the two started to have feelings for each other. When did they normally go on dates? For the last month, Dispatch witnessed the two going on more than five dates.

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