Battle Spirits Online Anime Dating:

Battle Spirits Online Anime Dating

battle spirits online anime dating

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Battle Spirits DS: Digital Starter - Play Game Online

These cards have high BP for their cost. Ultimates are unaffected by effects targeting spirits it's different card Type , and usually have the summon condition fulfilled to summon them. X", and "SoulDrive" which are introduced in Card Mechanic section. Card Rarity[ edit ] The card rarity in Battle Spirits is as follows: Cards are commonly obtainable with effects or no effect. But usually plays the role in supporting the deck structures.

Cards with better effect. In the US version, they are all foiled cards except for starter rares. Costs range from 4—7.

In Japanese version, their cost range varies. Master Rare: Foiled cards, much like rares. Costs range from 5—7. It became full art since Battle Spirits SwordEyes. X Rare: Special foil with an X in the effect box background.

They typically feature much more powerful effects than other tiers of rarity, mostly high costs. Mythic X Rare: Full Print Card with a BS in the effect box background.

Double X Rare: Very powerful cards introduced first in Battle Spirits Rekkaden. They have an XX in the effect box background. X rare with different print of art or foils. Again, until Battle Spirits SwordEyes ended, this rarity is no longer exist in next 3 seasons 3 years: But, this rarity is again exist in Battle Spirits Kourinhen no anime with 2 attempts design. Powerful cards commemorating the 10th anniversary of Battle Spirits. They have a "10th" printed on the card and the card art features gold details.

Each color stems from a different variety of precious gem. Red cards are mainly in aggressive effects that are activated when the player is attacking. It has many destructive effects that change the game situation drastically.

It destroys all spirits with BP or less. White cards are mainly defensive and many have effects that activate when they block. Even when you have less spirits than your opponent does, white spirits will protect your Life with their strong defensive power. It refreshes all of your exhausted spirits. The Art for White cards are basically Robots or Mechas. Green cards are good at generating cores in which they can give a player an early resource advantage in the game. An example is "Potion Berry".

It enables you to add a core to your reserve. And also it plays around the Refresh and Exhaust which enable them go for opponent's life. Green spirits are mostly based on Nature, Beasts, and insects. Purple cards are good at causing pain to your opponent outside of the battle.

Purple is notorious for effects that play with the core layout of their opponent, like removing core from opposing Spirits in an attempt to deplete them. They also have many cards which enable you to draw more.

It prohibits spirits with only one core on them from attacking or blocking. Purple spirits are mostly based on death, demons, zombies, snakes and others.

Blue cards mainly have the power to demolish your opponent's deck, focusing on victory by deck out. They also have a high affinity with nexuses, which boost their effects or distract opponent's strategies. One card is "Magic Hammer", which allows you to move the top 5 cards of the opponent's deck to their trash. Blue spirits are mostly based on the superhuman, Chimeras, Golems, and Myths.

Yellow cards are weak compared to other colors when looking at cost and BP, but have amazing effects that give you a powerful advantage when it comes to magic.

Yellow is great at working with other colors to boost the power of their magic. And they has a lot funny Battle Rule changing cards. Yellow spirits are mostly based on the divine, and Card Mechanics[ edit ] These are keywords that help identify a spirit's effect.

All details for the special effects are printed on the cards. Red's Specialty effects: Spirits with Awaken have the effect texts listed as follows: Flash Step: You may move any number of cores from other spirits you control to this spirit. This effect is in red. A variation of Awaken where the spirit is refreshed each time cores are placed on it. A variation of Awaken specific to Ultimates where the ultimate gains BP for every core placed on it.

Spirits with Clash have the effect texts as follows: When Attacks: Your opponent's spirits must block if possible. A variation of Clash where opposing spirits or ultimates must block if possible. Green's Specialty effects: Spirits with Swift have the effect texts listed as follows: This spirit may be summoned from your hand during the Flash Step. In that case, the cost of this spirit and cores to be put on this spirit must be paid or moved from your Reserve. This effect is in green. A variation of Swift where the Core Cost is paid from the trash if there are 5 or more in it.

Spirits with Windstorm have the effect texts as follows: Each time this spirit is blocked, your opponent exhausts the specified number of unexhausted spirits they control. Spirits with Bunshin have the effect texts listed as follows: Place up to X cards from the top of your deck face down on your field and by adding 1 or more cores from your reserve onto them, during the game, those cards become "Cost 0, Family: Bunshin spirits cannot be braved and are discarded if sent back to the hand or deck.

Spirits with Curse have the effect texts listed as follows: If this spirit is blocked, destroy the spirit that blocked this spirit at End of Battle Step. This effect is in purple. A variation of Curse where if the spirit is destroyed by the opponent at any time, by sending one of the opponent's life to their trash, the spirit remains on the field, refreshed.

Spirits with Immortality have the effect texts listed as follows: If this spirit is in your trash, you can summon it to the field when one of your spirits with cost X is destroyed. Poison Blade: Spirits with Poison Blade have the effect texts listed as follows: When Battles: Place X cards from the top of your opponent's deck underneath an opposing Spirit or Ultimate. The cards placed under the Spirit or Ultimate are discarded when it leaves the field. White's Specialty effects Immunity: Spirits with immunity will be not be affected by opposing Spirits, Magic and Nexus of the "X" color.

First and oldest effect of White's Special effect since first season. Heavy Immunity: A variation of Immunity where the spirit is also unaffected by opposing Brave effects. But it's still vulnerable to Ultimate's effects. A variation of Immunity where the spirit is also unaffected by opposing Ultimate effects. But it's vulnerable to Brave Ice Wall: Spirits with Ice Wall have the effect texts listed as follows: Opponent's Turn: If an opponent plays a spell of X color, by exhausting this spirit, negate that effect.

This effect is in white. Yellow's Specialty effects Brilliance: Spirits with Brilliance have the effect texts as follows: During this battle, each time you play a spell card, at End of Battle Step, move that spell card from your Trash to your hand.

This effect is in yellow. Evil Light: A variation of Brilliance where the spell's effect can be activated twice in the battle. Holy Life: Spirits with Holy Life have the effect texts as follows: If this spirits deals damage to the opponent's life, move one core from the void to your life. Divine Holy Life: A variation of Holy Life where one core is moved to the life when the spirit attacks, and it is refreshed if your life is three or less.

On Stage: Spirits with On Stage have the effect texts listed as follows: Your Attack Step: Instead of attacking with this Spirit, by returning this Spirit to the bottom of your deck, a Spirit card from your hand with name of "X" and in family "Stage Style" can be summoned without paying its cost, and draw 1 card from your deck. Blue Specialty effects: Spirits with Crush have the effect texts listed as follows: This effect is in blue.

Great Demolish: A variation of Crush where 5 cards are moved to the trash for every level that the spirit has. Spirits with Assault have the following effect: X When Attacks: During this turn for the number of times stated above, you can exhaust one Nexus in order to refresh this Spirit.

Summon Bolt: Spirits with Summon Bolt have the effect texts listed as follows: At the end of the battle, by destroying this Spirit, summon 1 cost X Spirit card in the same family as this Spirit from your hand without paying its cost. And the following are Effects for that season. These effects are not specialty to any color. They are designed through the seasons. Boy and girl dating videos. Online dating profile cat lady images. Estonia dating website search.

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