Capitulo 1 La Sombra Del Pasado Online Dating:

Capitulo 1 La Sombra Del Pasado Online Dating

capitulo 1 la sombra del pasado online dating

English language recaps of Telenovelas. Yet the recaps are hilarious and priceless! And it's all big bad Cris' fault 'cause of that time he got drunk and she kidnapped and raped him. Cris says there's no way! But he agrees he doesn't want her to have an abortion.

He's going to be there for her, and take care of the child…but if she thinks he's going to marry her, she's got another thing coming! And a great cheer goes up from the patio! However, since we weren't there to defend him, he got slapped in the face for saying that.

She's busy flouncing off the balcony when she runs into Cande, who I'll never believe wasn't lying in wait to make this entrance. Cris gives Cande the news that Val is pregnant, but he tells her if she wants details--ask Val. Cande ponders her impending grandmotherhood. I ponder whether this entire scene was set up to happen on the balcony just to for that last image of Cande rocking the full-on Evil Queen vibe with the braids and the collar and the lipstick.

No, Irma doesn't think Lola took the money. Uriel asks who else could have done it. Last time, it looked like Lardo was the one who stole money…since it can't have been him this time, maybe both times were Lola.

And if her crime made Lardo look bad, he never wants to see her again. Irma can't think of anyone. Uriel advises her to confront Lola and watch her for signs of lying. Pru has no intention of getting divorced!

Especially to marry Tomas. She's perfectly happy like this…or she's happy being unhappy…look, with Humberto, she has something to complain about all day, and she can make his life a living hell, and use his credit cards, and make him pay! That's the only way she can be happy.

Tomas wants to make her happy a different way, but Pru would rather have a rich guy she can manipulate. All she wants Tomas for is…well, you know. Too bad, so sad. He tries to convince her with necking and pouting and tears…. Cande tells Val she can't make up a pregnancy! Val says she's not making it up. But Cris wants her to be a single mother! The horror! Val claims to have just peed on the stick today, but not confirmed it. Cande's going to make Cris forget about Aldonza and marry Val. She whines that she shouldn't have [kidnapped and raped him] that night.

She never could have imagined this would happen. Our country mice have made it to the city. They stand out in front of Renato's house waiting for someone to let them in and talking wedding plans. Aldonza doesn't want to invite a bunch of people to the wedding because she wants to get married already.

Renato's dad drives up as the maid comes to answer the door…he apologizes for not being there to greet them and then asks them to go on inside and he'll be there in a minute to talk about her errands, including buying a wedding dress, as Lola giddily announces. Humberto has a sad because he misses Emmanuel. Padre J tells him maybe if he'd tell Em the truth about who his parents are, maybe Emmanuel would have the answers he's been looking for, and maybe that would bring him home.

Humberto admits he's made mistakes, and he wishes he could forget what happened that night. He admits he helped Severiano take Roberta's newborn baby. They came up with a lie that keeps getting harder to keep up every day.

Hum has tried to make up for his mistake, but he's never been able to. Padre J tells him that until he confronts his memories, he'll never be able to get them out of his head.

The lie is like knives, and it's going to cut him apart. Sooner or later, he's going to have to "enfrentar" face what happened…and there's no reason to put it off. Cris tells Cande that he thinks Val is lying.

The timing is too much of a coincidence. She's telling him she's pregnant NOW when he's about to get married? Cande says the point is, Val is expecting his baby.

Even if it's his baby, he's married to Aldonza and he's going to stay married to her. He's going to give his name to the child and he'll even raise him or her, but he's NOT going to give up Aldonza. He wants the best for his child and that is NOT having parents who are together, but detest each other. He's not going to follow his parents' example. He's not going to keep up a rotten relationship to keep up appearances. Cande using her own special brand of logic, the kind that's not, says "Exactly, none of this is the child's fault, so come to your senses and think with your head for once.

Stay strong, Cris! Stay strong! One of the other renters didn't sign the agreement, so Aldonza has to go back to…the realtor's office? Lola suggests a trip to a strip club. Bachelorette party! Aldonza suggests the zoo instead. I glare in her general direction. Uriel is frustrated because Adriano is in a coma and he can't rat out Sev. She was the first one to discover who he really was. And no one believed her!

Hopefully it never gets too late to open everyone's eyes and show them who Severiano Mendoza really is! I imagine Roberta in a fabulous red dress with a leopard belt, a cigarette in one hand and a brandy snifter in the other, saying "I told you so.

Now they just wait and "dejar que las cosas caigan por su propio peso" let things fall from their own weight; let it take its course. They smirk over how an accusation like this is the worst thing that can happen to a priest.

So, just to clarify…Nava is not ok with murder happening right in front of him, but he is ok with bribery and slander. Dominga sees Flavia in town. She tells Dominga what happened. She had everything and she threw it all away.

Joaquin won't listen to her. He'll never forgive her, and he's right not to. She doesn't even dare go near Ray or he'll see the shame in her eyes…or worse, she'll find out that he's already attached to Adelina and doesn't even remember her anymore.

Dominga says she's Ray's mom and he's always going to love her, even if she's the worst woman. Adelina finds out from Joaquin that Flavia is out. She's living in a hotel.

I need to pause this for a second as Adelina asks what's going to happen to her, because I'm disgusted by the vibe I'm getting--that she's more concerned with whether she and Joaquin are going to keep dating vs. What the hell have they done with this character!

Anyway…Joaquin says she'll have to figure it out on her own because he's sticking with Adelina. Cande and Val plot. Val needs a proper pregnancy test, so she can prove to Cris that she's really pregnant. Humberto's not going to be happy…maybe Cande can soften him up first?

The water problem is still on…but Joaquin says "they" can solve it. For themselves, at least, by carrying out Raymundo's old plans to use the water from El Santuario to irrigate the fields and supply the house with water.

The baby has been sent from heaven to separate Cris and Aldonza. And right there, with the doors to Sev's office open, not bothering to lower her voice at all, Cande says that Cris would never turn his back on his child, "The way you did with Emmanuel. And it was her idea to steal the baby and tell Roberta it was dead. She doesn't want Sev to go to him now…he needs to get his thoughts in order first. Val arrives, all ready for her official pregnancy test.

Sev offers to drive her. I mean, there was nothing in his look or anything, but. Aldonza calls home asking if anyone's done anything new to try to keep them apart.

He says nothing will keep them apart, but he sounds shaky. Lola fondles a red poofy wedding dress that Roberta would have loved.

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