Chat With Facebook Friends Using Yahoo Messenger:

Chat With Facebook Friends Using Yahoo Messenger

Chat with facebook friends using yahoo messenger

Due to the huge amount of active users, this naturally made the chat feature which is docked at the right hand of your screen very useful because you can quickly send an online or offline message to your friends. You can say that the Facebook Chat is similar to instant messaging programs but it is only available as an online web based service.

Earlier this year Facebook launched a standalone web version of the Messenger that runs on a browser and is mobile friendly with a responsive web design. Messenger apps for smartphones and tablets that can be installed on iOS, Android and Windows Phone are also available. There used to be an official desktop messenger chatting program for Windows but it was quickly discontinued for unknown reasons. Messenger, IRC, and even Facebook in a single program. An ad-supported version of Trillian is available to download and use for free but if you appreciate Trillian, a Pro or Lifetime license can be purchased to remove the advertisements in the program and enable the cloud history feature.

Setting up Facebook chat in Trillian is very easy. After creating and logging in to your Trillian account, all you need to do is enter your Facebook email and password and click the Next button. Alternatively, you can also click on the Trillian icon located at the top left and select Manage Accounts. You can only send text based messages but not make voice or video calls to Facebook friends from Trillian.

Download Trillian 2. Messenger for Desktop Messenger for Desktop is an unofficial instant messaging application for Facebook Chat.

It looks exactly the same as the web based Facebook messenger except it runs as an independent application without the web browser. All features from the official web based Messenger such as sending text messages, making voice or video calls, sending stickers, group chats, know when messages are delivered and seen are all supported in this desktop version. Do take note that Messenger for Desktop can take up quite a lot of memory usage up to over MB with 4 Messenger.

Download Messenger for Desktop 3. Pidgin Pidgin is a free and open source universal instant messaging client similar to Trillian that supports different types of chat services. For Pidgin to connect to Facebook, you will need to use a third party plugin called Purple Facebook. There are 2 DLL files that need to be downloaded and placed at the correct directory.

The libjson-glib Download libjson-glib Do take note that your Facebook username is not the same as the email address used to login. To check your Facebook username, visit the official Facebook settings page and check the username.

You can start sending messages to your Facebook buddies from Pidgin after a successful connection. Do take note that the DLL files are updated very frequently.

5 Online Instant Messaging Services to Chat with Friends

Since its inception in , Yahoo Messenger chat service has garnered many fans. With the advent of several new services like Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. Here are some of the top alternatives to Yahoo Messenger those can be used on both Windows and Mac platform.

The Squirrel app is offering to organize groups, to keep them systematically. Just like Yahoo messenger, the Squirrel chat app supports to create separate rooms for specific people or the room to chat the same type of topics.

The main room chat room allows for announcements that can reach group-wide. As usual, there are secret rooms for chatting privately with your friends or business partner, and the Blasts option let you display the important messages to everyone in your group. The Squirrel app support to share photos, documents, or links. Download Yahoo Squirrel: It is available for free on both Android and iOS platforms and is very easy to set up.

WhatsApp allows you to chat and share GIF images, photos, location, documents, and even contacts. It has made life easier for many people especially those who are always on the move. Whatsapp also has the video calling feature. One of the most attractive thing about Whatsapp is its end-to-end encryption feature which protects your privacy.

Instead of using a username or email ID, you can create WhatsApp account with a phone number. Download WhatsApp: You can do real-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams on Slack. Slack is an instant messaging app and is available for free. The idea behind Slack is to make communication easier between co-workers and to improve collaboration. Slack helps to have all your team communication in one place, on the go. Moreover, it is easy and fun to use. Slack makes it dead simple to find older links or messages that someone sent a few weeks ago.

Not only it is super fast and friendly to search, but it is also filterable. Download Slack: Android iOS Skype Business Chat- When it comes to instant messaging and video chatting, Skype is one of the first few apps that comes to mind a few years back.

Skype had managed to build itself a huge user base even before Microsoft bought it in , and its user base has continued to increase ever since. You can send text-based messages, as well as do video chats with your friends on Skype, completely free of charge. With Skype, you can make both video and voice calls to your personal as well as business contacts. Installation is also easy, and there is not much learning curve when it comes to using the Skype app.

First, you will need to connect your Facebook and Yahoo accounts and import your Facebook contact list to your Yahoo contact list.

There are two ways to do this — Login to your Facebook account and download the contact information and email addresses of Facebook friends. As this is the most logical and simpler option, I will show you the steps using the second method.

In the next step, login to your Facebook account and grant all the necessary permissions to Yahoo. When Yahoo has successfully copied all your friends contact information from Facebook, switch to your Yahoo email inbox and you should see an option to chat with Facebook buddies on the left sidebar.

Quite recently, Facebook updated their messaging system to support offline chat feature. Sadly, Yahoo IM chat does not support this feature yet. What this means is that you can only send messages to those Facebook friends who are online at the moment.

Here are the step by step instructions: I am running the latest version of Yahoo messenger and the link appears on the main window after signing in. This will open a small window where you need to sign in with your Facebook account credentials.

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