Dating Someone With The Same Name As Your Father:

Dating Someone With The Same Name As Your Father

dating someone with the same name as your father

Khadaji , I never called either of my parents by their names and don't think of them that way. Mom is "Mom" not Karen. Kiminy , My father and stepfather use different nicknames, but the three "brothers" all use the same nickname. I dated a guy in college with that name, it didn't seem like a very big deal.

As other posters have said, in my mind my dad's name is "Dad" anyway. Perhaps if it's very common, you learn to deal with knowing a lot of different people with that name.

Seren , Luckily, it's not likely I'm gonna start dating girls and I only have a sister. Most people say they think of their parents as Mom and Dad. That's what I call mine, but my family is around other people enough that I hear their names a lot, so I've got Mom and Mom's name associated with her and same for Dad.

And, after only two or three days, I've gotten a lot more used to calling my guy by his name and not thinking of Dad. I may get almost completely comfortable with it, but I doubt I'll ever be screaming out his name in the bedroom.

Oh, there is one incredible benefit of him having the same name as my dad. It means Dad can't call him by the wrong name and make it look believable. Dad has always called my boyfriends by the wrong name. I dated one guy for three years and Dad never got the name right, but the second we broke up, Dad started calling him by the right name.

Dating her would've been weird. I think I'd get rather tired of having to explain how we're not related all the time Acsenray , Zebra , Really, swear to God.

She goes by Cindy but her name is Cinderella. Now the odds are pretty slim that I would date someone, well besides the fact that I'm a big loser at love, named Cinderella. Jpeg Jones , Later on, my parents got divorced and my mother remarried a man with the same name as me. Then, my wife's sister got divorce and, get this, married a guy with the same name as me. The name? It's David. Apparently, Daves are pretty good guys in general. I was still the first one in my family, though.

The Chao Goes Mu Ew. I could never date anyone named "Mama. It must have sucked having to always explain that they weren't related. Queen Bruin , Ok, I'll make an allowance for Kevin McKidd. That man is delicious. I'll just have to name him something else But, I do have an Uncle X. He's a slack-jawed yokel type.

To be fair though, The Highwayman doesn't let me call him by the same diminuitive as Uncle X, so it's not quite the same. Civil Guy , Still, the relationship with that GF wasn't going anywhere, so For the last three years I've been dating a woman with the same name as my brother's ex-wife no, not his ex-wife. Again, no problem, just some amusement among the family. My brother and his ex have stayed on good terms.

I have noted in my own mind that if I ever do meet a woman with the same name as my mother - used to be more common, but has gone out of style - I will have to check in for therapy. Telperien , My biggest crush in high school was on a guy named Michael, but there was no chance that I would have ever dated him, since he was gay. I could never date a Debbie, though.

I have too many Mom issues. I call my dad, "Dad," so it never crossed my mind much. VegaBean , But one cousin went on and on about it, so I stopped talking to her until we broke up for other reasons.

She's had the nickname since she was a little kid, so I really never think of her given name, although I do know it. So, I'm not very likely to date someone who goes by the same name as my mom, and if I met someone with that nickname it would definitely be an issue not "I'm not going to date her", but "that's kind of wierd".

My mom's given name is sort of out of style, but it's fairly well known even so. I think it wouldn't make much of a difference if a girl had my mom's given name. I was in a class that, for some reason, had about 4 or 5 students in it who had either the same given name as my mom or a slight variation. I was attracted to several of them and one of them, who was one of the "same names", I was really attracted to.

I liked her name, because it was old-fashioned and because it was my mom's name. It was just a small thing that I found endearing, not a big deal, just something that made her stand out from other people. He met his wife after she googled her son's name. That's nothing. Your folks are mom and dad not "first name". Try dating someone with the same name as a sibling..

Now that is weird. That's my thoughts too. But on the other hand, Edward isn't a terribly common name for men in their mid-twenties to mid-thirties, so I don't think it'd be much of an issue for me. When I was in high school one of my friends dated a guy with the same name as her brother - Mike. There were some awkward conversations when people's eyes would widen in shock for a moment at one of her statements, then realize that she meant the Mike she was dating, not the brother we all knew.

Ditto, to the letter, and for the same reason. BobT , She must have been very picky in choosing a suitor. I don't think so.

I think if we took a poll, a lot of people would have Mom issues such as that. But are Mom issues more common than Dad issues? Perhaps you're thinking of a different odd thing, though. Nava , I have simply never found the type attractive. But heck, if I ever meet me a nice available nerd, it would sure be nice if his worst defect would be having "James" for a firstname!

Antigen , I'm dating a guy now who has the same name as an evil ex, but he goes by a shortened version. But it's never really been an issue for me. He's pretty much perfect - why would I let a name keep me away?

My aunt married a man who has the same name as my dad her younger brother. Luckily, both my sisters have Hawai'ian names, and I've never met anyone who share them in Iowa. I have never met anyone my age who has my mother's name. Draelin , My mother seems to think that I don't know my father's name, because she'll start a story saying "Mike and I My parents' names are Michael and Michele.

Isn't that so cute you want to vomit? However, I don't think I could manage to date a guy with the same name as my brother, mostly because I spent my entire childhood screaming "Mooooom, Danny hit me!

The same name as one of my brothers would be weirder, just because, well, I too spent most of my childhood screaming, "Mooooom, Danny hit me! Send questions for Cecil Adams to:

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When I think about it now, it was pretty ridiculous that we even went through that whole process. When we first met I greeted him with, "Hey Matt! In a way it felt like I was referencing myself in third person.

Past the awkward stage of introductions, the date went fairly well. As the date progressed I began to slowly let go of my preconceived conceptions of dating a person with the same name as myself. I started to ask myself if it even is that weird?

What makes it weird to begin with? Lo and behold, I couldn't answer these questions I was posing. Instead, I answered my questions with a question.

Why do we put so much emphasis on our names? Subscribe to our Thank you for signing up! Check your inbox for the latest from Odyssey. This is not a valid email, please try again. As I have stated before, your name is part of your identity, however, it isn't your whole identity. Your identity consists of your personality, cultural background, ethnicity, racial identity, etc.

With that being said, should we be putting so much stress on our names? After the date was over I reflected on who I was as a person. I thought about what makes me, well, me. I concluded that some of the main qualities that distinguishes me from people is my style, way of speaking, humor, and the overall aura I give off. Don't think too hard about it. Dating someone with the same name as you isn't that serious. It really isn't as big deal as you may make it to be. Talk via PM or start a new thread.

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