Dating Strasbourg France:

Dating Strasbourg France

dating strasbourg france

Strasbourg has been the subject of a centuries-long tug of war between France and Germany, and is all the more exciting and beautiful for it. The sense of cross-pollination continues in the cuisine and wine, and also in the presence of international institutions like the European Parliament.

Lets explore the best things to do in Strasbourg: Strasbourg Cathedral Source: Another astounding thing about the cathedral is how much of it dates to the s, including the entirety of the apse on the east side of the building.

You cannot turn down a trip to the top of the north tower, completed in , and with views as far as the Black Forest, 30 kilometres away.

La Petite France Source: Millers, fishermen and tanners plied their trades in this district of waterways, weirs and locks crowded by black and white half-timbered colombage houses.

These quaint old structures are from the s and s, and if you stand back and look up you can make out the opening in the roofs where animal hides were once laid out in the sun to dry. On some of the cobblestone streets like Rue du Bain aux Plantes the houses look unfeasibly top-heavy, and every few paces are traditional restaurants serving Alsatian specialities like choucroute garnie.

Check out the recommended hotels in Strasbourg, France 3. You have a large boating lake, lots of long, leafy avenues, lawns, and even a mini-zoo and farm for kids. Barrage Vauban Source: It was made with pink sandstone from the Vosges, according to plans drawn up by Vauban the great French military engineer.

The idea was that in times of siege it would raise the level of the Ill and flood the lands to the south, and also drop barriers to prevent invaders from passing through. Ponts Couverts Source: Up to the s the crossings were protected by long roofs that would have offered cover during sieges. The bridges became obsolete after the Barrage Vauban was completed upriver and the roofs have been gone for almost years, but the name survives.

This means that unlike most churches in France, the nave and the aisles have the same height. They are brought under one roof and so are missing a clerestory windows to light the nave. Michael and the stunning romanesque sarcophagus of Bishop Adeloch, from the s. Finally, turn your gaze to the gallery organ from , which was praised by Mozart when he played it in The galleries provide several reconstructions of historic home scenes and workshops, all presented with original ceramics, costume, furniture, tools, toys and everyday utensils.

European Parliament Source: Strasbourg is one of three non-capital cities around the world to have an international institution, and the European Parliament needs to be on your itinerary.

You may have to call ahead to get a tour of this modern cylindrical structure, housing the seat debating chamber. Palais des Rohan Source: There are three museums to browse inside, an archaeology exhibit in the basement, decorative arts on the ground floor and a display of fine art on the first floor.

Neustadt Source: This was the German period, and the speed of construction furnished a host of districts in Strasbourg with an architectural consistency that is hard to find anywhere else. The Neustadt is roughly crescent-shaped, covering the western, northern and eastern parts of Strasbourg.

Check out the recommended hotels in Strasbourg, France Le Vaisseau Source: The idea is for children to get stuck in and enjoy themselves, which makes it easier for them to learn things as they go. There are interactive exhibits like this one, as well as a 3D movie that is updated every few months. There are weapons, maps, clothing, sketches and sculptures to help illustrate the complicated history of a city at the geographical, and also social, economic and political, nexus point of an entire continent.

The shining star of the collection is a plan relief dating to The detail is such that you make out all of the main landmarks, and, yes, the Ponts Couverts were still covered when the model was made!

Eglise Saint-Pierre le Jeune Source: The Protestants got the nave, while the Catholics used the choir. The building has architecture from many different periods too. In the crypt for instance are the vestiges of a Columban Church from the s, and the cloister is mostly romanesque, dating to the s. Meanwhile the nave and its colourful frescoes are from the 14th and 15th centuries. And like the one there this instrument has national renown, and was used by the organist Helmut Wacha to record the works of Bach.

Alsatian Food Source: Choucroute is the obvious entry point, with sauerkraut fermented cabbage with a sour flavour combined with different kinds of sausages, including frankfurters and smoked Morteau, as well as cuts of pork and potatoes. If you visit in April or May Strasbourg goes crazy for white asparagus, as they do in German cities in asparagus season.

Wine and Beer Source: From September Meteor has introduced a minute guided tour followed by a tasting session.

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