Dubai Time Now:

Dubai Time Now

dubai time now

The answer by Kokorin is correct. Here's a bit more discussion. Problems When you called the now method and passed no arguments, you failed to specify a time zone. In that omission, java. If when you ran that code it was So while the current moment in Dubai was actually When you passed dubai in the line ZonedDateTime. All three of the Local… classes store no time zone internally; their very purpose is to ignore time zone. Your code did not match your intentions.

Note how in this revision to your code I pass your ZoneId object to both now methods. This would solve your problem. If those pair of. Solutions Instead you should capture the current moment atomically. Either user Kokorin's code, or use my code shown next. An Instant is a moment on the timeline in UTC with a resolution of nanoseconds. Always pass the optional time zone arguments. While I tremendously respect the work that went into java.

By the way, ditto for Locale , always specify. Another Tip: Think, work, and store in UTC. You will drive yourself crazy and make your brain hurt. While programming, know that the only one true time is UTC. Use UTC in your database. Do your logging in UTC. Keep your servers on UTC or Iceland time zone.

Keep a clock on your desk or screen displaying UTC. Later, when you go home from work, then you can slip back into your own local "India time" thinking.

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