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Fake Bank Accounts For Upgrades On Dating Sites

fake bank accounts for upgrades on dating sites

I saw this story and thought of Scam o Rama Hi, I read your "Big Mac" series of emails a couple of days ago after hearing more and more about fraud. It was probably one of the funniest email correspondences I've read. I thought you'd be interested to read the following story on BBC News, it was also on the radio this morning too. Cheers Kindly Contributor The link is titled "Fake bank website cons victims" and described how West African criminals have used a fake version of a real British bank's online service to rob people.

They Web sites are very good! Says the Lad: The site is www. On this note, I advice you to that and send your Online account to me for my Lawyer to arrenge the Legal documents that proofs you the next of kin to this fund. My regards to your family. The bank in question apparently is a REAL bank, and requested the removal of its name from this list. This may be where the Lad was banking, which is not the same as the bank being a scam.

After all, crooks have to bank somewhere. Scamorama did not mean to imply that this bank was disreputable. The mistake was one of context. Anyway it's all XXXed out. Elmer Fudd says: Hi I also came across Kapital in my encounters with Kima Savimbi. The DRC said that the payments to may account had been approved and that I had to pay a signing fee.

When I received the fax, I did a search and the site came up. I thought that the site was suspect so I went to the contacts section and found two email addresses and sent them the following email: I am writting to let you all know that I's considerin' gettin a Senior Advocate Attorney of Nigeria called Dele Ojo to help with this hyar tansactiun.

Does you think he is acceptable? Kind regrds Rev. Elmer They replied with this message the next day: Dear Sir, We are in receipt of your e-mail dated We hereby advise you to go ahed and hire MR. He is very good and reliable. Thank you. IS that OK? Regards Rev. Elmer 6. Kindly Contributor Date: Thu, 21 Nov Microsoft Outlook Express 5.

Two years ago, my client Mr. Issah Lonthan died in the ill-faled A. C airline crash at Egbin a sub-swamping area in Lagos state after take off. But unfortunately the only child died of excess drug taking last year. May his soul rest in peace. Infact, last week equita finance house in London sent me a draft of information about the said amount deposited in their finance house by my late cleint Mr. I now took this upon myself to search for a trustworthy person and corporation to whose account these fund can be transferred to as soon as possible.

By proving this person or corporation documents indicating depositary and account statements would be disclosed. Infact, all you are to do is open an account with the Equita Finance House in London and the power of Attorney will be giving to you to transfer the money to your account. Bank Information Telephone Number: Please be informed that you will not be required to spend a dollar of your money on this transaction, as all fess will be deducted before the sharing of the fung.

I await your favorable response Yours faithfully, Barr. Ibrahim 5. Stew deBaker Hawke the one and only Hello to all I am mailing you all about a fake bank web site that I belive is being used by Nigerian advanced fee fraudsters to scam money out of people. The Url of the site is http: You can see it here. The domain name seems to be owned by these people so I am including them in this mailing. COM Administrative Contact: Stevenson brandfin hotmail.

Administrator DNS admin webmasters. COM W. COM Hello persons at Scamorama, Lilith is having a conversation with the lads with the website www.

In this version of the scam Lilith has to "login" to a tracking website using a so called "tracking number" to find out where the luggage contain the millions of dollars are. Who says scammers are not refining the scam? The "login" is no more than a simple javascript that redirects you to a specific page based on the tracking number entered.

The relevant javascript is reproduced below A name of unfortunate victim http: I wonder exactly how many of those 25 have sent money to the lads. Alexander Kerensky 3. It's not signficantly amusing yet but I will forward it all on after it's done. The nigerianscams. I wonder what happened to nigerianscams. Madam Yotta also know as J.

Cosmo Newbury etc put me onto it. You can see the first mention of the bank here http: Basically it is a fake web site pretending to be a bank. This is the fake site. Baker Hawke S Sir, We refer to your enquiry and wish to inform you that your request have been granted and I have been assigned your account officer to quide you open an online account with our bank.

You are therefore requested to forward your fax number to me via; ossy allstatestrustbank. Naturally I mailed back. Hello Ossy Thank you for your reply. It is a bit premature to start opening accounts just yet. At this stage I am just making general inquiries. I am interseted in your long and short term interest rates and if you can offer any references doing business with American companies that would be excellent.

Also could you tell me your postal address I couldn't find it on the web site. If you could attach the account form to an e-mail it might be worth having anyway but there is no hurry.

We are an import export company mainly involved in manufactured goods that can be value added by moving them around the world. For example we are looking at importing farm machinery into Africa. However as yet we have no plans to export from there.

I am looking closely at that possibility though. Stuart de Baker Hawke The "Bank" didn't want to know. Ossy olaniyi wrote: Baker Hawke S Sir, Regretably we can't be of help to you at the moment in your areas of interest. We suggest you try another financial institution and thanks once more for showing interest in our bank. Yours faithfully, O. Olaniyi Customer Services Dpt. But it says on your web site that you do exactly what I need. Please put me in touch with your superior.

This is big business, I need to talk to a manager not a flunkey. Stuart Hawke Stuart Hawke Sir, Don't get mad at me. I am only carrying out instructions from my superiors. Try Eco International bank via their website as stated herein www.

Fake bank accounts for upgrades on dating sites

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