Intj Infj Dating Bible:

Intj Infj Dating Bible

intj infj dating bible

God created great variety in people and I believe He did that for a reason. This struggle carries over into the church.

On top of that, churches are often set-up to favor Extroverts, and Introverts can feel drained by the pressure to socialize. More traditional churches I feel still think women have cooties. I jest but it also angers me. I want to sit and listen in peace. And rest. I wish everyone well around me and will pray for them and want to. This is a huge disconnect for me.

Introverted Intuitive types particularly INTJs and INFJs tend to be big-picture, out-of-the-box thinkers who can see each topic they look at from multiple perspectives. Also seeing pitfalls and wanting to plan and be part of the strategy meetings is not always welcomed. It seems, however, that INTJs are particularly susceptible to feeling that who they are deep down inside is not accepted in Christian churches.

Social expectations are a particular struggle for them. This frankly exhausts me. All emotional affirmation and no substantial content. I crave deep connection, authenticity, and deep conversation about theological topics that help me know God better. I am not a quiet type of person and tend to voice my opinions quickly. This happens in other environments too, just not church. Interested in learning more about how to befriend an INTJ? She has, however, found a way to put her technical savvy to good use on the sound crew.

AC, Alexis, and Ina all mentioned that they fit into administrative roles well. I think we should combine our efforts and resources and focus on very specific things. As a whole, INTJs want something more than to just be put in charge of running an aspect of the church.

Many also have a deep desire to use their gifts to help other people. They want to hear deep, well-researched sermons, lectures, and podcasts that are supported by scriptural truth and reliable facts. They want to be challenged by the perspectives they hear.

They want opportunities to hear from other believers and share their thoughts in interactive, small-group discussions. When asked how the church could better connect with people like them when preaching the gospel, INTJs prioritized valuing their personalities and not pressuring them to change. INTJs will question; Jesus encouraged this.

I actually find it useful to look at multiple sides of an issue and debate something. In fact, how other people respond to them is something INTJs are keenly aware of. Her personal faith was strengthened through these struggles, but her trust in other Christians was negatively effected. Another struggle INTJs can face has to do with humility. And not having it is a big challenge for me.

Here are the perspectives of three INTJs, in their own words, on why they believe this faith is the right one: So you can be together with him again? This is the ultimate form of love. He never gives up, is slow to anger and is in a small, still whisper.

He turns everything upside down. He is the truth, the way, the life. Christianity is the only religion I know of where there is no catch. No being reborn a hundred times over.

No caste system. No hopelessness of being controlled by fate. How could I not choose him? When you look at all the other belief systems, they have unfair, unjust weights and measures. And the whole Bible makes sense! So many things are explained. And at times, when I read the Bible, something will jump out at me, really speak to me. One of my favourite Bible verses is Romans 8: I know that I have a purpose here, and despite the challenges that I face, I know that this is the right faith.

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The fact is that many INFJs experience the world and their bodies in radically different ways than other types. It is therefore not uncommon for INFJs or others to question their sanity. INFJs see two people in everyone. They see the public persona, the outer shell, that everyone else sees.

Their Se and Fe functions pick up subtle non-verbal cues which are then synthesized and interpreted by their Ni. Because of their keen perceptiveness, INFJs are rarely fooled by facades or fakery.

In fact, INFJs can often see the truth about people more clearly than those people can see it in themselves. Growing out of their distrust of first-blush appearances, INFJs are reluctant to trust majority opinion. They are often the last to read a bestseller, feeling that if everyone else i. Nothing could be farther from the truth. They rival and resemble INTs in their level of openness and hunger for new ideas and perspectives.

In some regards, they may actually eclipse INTs with regard to intellectual openness, readily appreciating both science and literature, fiction and nonfiction, poetry and prose.

While INFJs are deeply theoretical, they are less impressed by theories built by a mere assemblage of facts or data. They feel that everything is somehow connected to everything else, forming a vast and interconnected web.

For INFJs, discovering truth involves getting a better handle on the nature of this connectedness and the holographic patterns of the universe. More than any other type, INFJs tend to feel that much of their intellectual work is being done for them, the product of which can feel like nothing less than a divinely bestowed gift. Consequently, INFJs do not feel the need to consult outside sources when it comes to discerning truth. Nor do they rely on a preexisting method or framework as other types might.

They trust their Ni to provide whatever information is necessary to understand a given problem or situation. It is playful, colorful, mischievous, and daring. Once they begin to develop their tertiary function Ti , INFJs may become even more open-minded and subversive in their thinking. INFJs often think by way of images. The visual nature of their minds is germane to their creativity, ingenuity, and ability to generate and wield metaphors.

And since the subconscious is filled with primitive images, INFJs swim in a sea of vivid dreams and imagery. INFJs also tend to be purists and classicists. Many enjoy collecting antiques, historical artifacts, old first edition books, rare art, or anything that satisfies their thirst for what they perceive as pure or classic works. For similar reasons, they may find themselves captivated by a certain period in history, a specific genre of music, or a handpicked selection of actors or writers.

In selecting a novel, would far prefer a known classic to a new bestseller. Similarly, if they are going to wear shoes which according to recent research, most INFJs do , they want the shoes to be of high quality and a classic, rather than trendy style.

If selecting artwork for display in their home, they most would opt for an original over a print. Despite their refined tastes, INFJs are typically not pretentious or excessively serious individuals. Perhaps more than anything, INFJs love spending time engrossed in meaningful conversation.

You might encounter an INFJ who could make your heart melt with their sweet, innocent and soft sensitive side, a side which tends to dominate even the most balanced INFJs. You might feel protective over your gentle soul INFJ partner and want to keep him or her safe from the harsh reality of the world. Indeed, we, as an INTJs, are known as good listeners.

They further love how we can offer objective, rational advice which seems to lift them out of their emotional malaise. This is highly valued by INFJs because they often become overwhelmed with emotion and do not know how to handle it in a healthy way. I would recommend avoiding a prolonged relationship with overly-emotional INFJs. These types can often be seen to be at the root of their own emotional issues. Realize, then, that this is not a problem to be solved, but rather one to be avoided.

Some people just are the way they are, and other personality types will be better predisposed to handle the hyper-emotionality of this subset of INFJ.

As an INTJ you have other things to be doing and exploring than becoming mired in relationships that will inevitably drain you. You must make a decision on how to spend your valuable and limited time and energy.

And here is whether the lasting magic can really happen. INTJs are often a little too analytical and while we love to think we see the bigger picture, we are often blinded by our own limited human perspective. There is so much more to life than neatly fitting systems and logic. This world is dry and dull, and while it might provide us with a sense of security, we would do well to step outside our comfort zone if we want to continue growing as individuals.

A well-balanced INFJ can bond deeply in a way that activates your dormant emotional side and help to bring a degree of balance to your life. You might find yourself discovering new areas of emotional power within you, powerful forces that can push you to find new meaning in your own life, or to push you towards achieving some important goals.

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