Is The Church Of Christ A Cult Yahoo Dating:

Is The Church Of Christ A Cult Yahoo Dating

is the church of christ a cult yahoo dating

Certainly they can't all be right since their individual doctrinal beliefs are diametrically opposed to one another. Who Is The Church of Christ? A Are They a Denomination? What Do They Believe? Conclusions B Are They a Cult? C Closing Comments The meat of this study will be contained in segment two where we will examine their beliefs in the Light of Scripture.

Our goal is not to proclaim them to be outside of the Body of Christ, but to simply show the errors in their claim to be the only "True Body of Christ. Please remember, this is not an attack, it's a defense. Your denomination has said all other denominations are either carnal or demonic and all their members have a one way ticket to hell.

In their eyes, they are the Way, the Truth and the Life and that's why they are not a denomination part of the church because they ARE the church. Bottom line? If you can serve the Lord with all your heart in the Church of Christ denomination and stay strong in Him until the day you die, then stay in the Church of Christ denomination. The web site is not for you, then. It is for people who are in the Church of Christ denomination that are looking for more of Jesus.

They are tired of a religion, and want a true, deep, sincere relationship with God. Jesus has a lot more for you than just a "religion. My name is Brian Cooper. I am the director of Freedom Quest Ministries and the author of this site. All evangelical outreaches should point the reader to Jesus, not any person or organization. But we have been chastized so often by members of the Church of Christ denomination for being too "anonymous" that we thought we would make an exception in their case.

Our three biggest concerns about the church of Christ denomination is their claim to be the only true Christians, their rejection of the present day ministry of the Holy Spirit and their hyper-legalism. I can relate to and attest to the burden of that legalism, for it was while I was a preacher in the Church of Christ that I committed suicide. The Lord miraculously saved me and set my feet on the path of true salvation by Grace through Faith.

I had been a member of the CoC for several years before I started preaching. One of the Elders had been tutoring me and asked for me to fill in for him one day and things just took off from there.

The problem was that I studied the Scriptures with an opened mind rather than through CoC stained lenses. So I began to ask questions: The problem was that I wasn't getting any answers. Sure, they gave me the typical CoC answers, but they were not Biblical or even logical. And then the storms came. I suppose the enemy knew I was getting close to the Truth so he brought a severe trial my way and I found out the hard way that I had built my house on sand legalism instead of the Rock Jesus.

A near-death experience has a way of getting your attention. The Lord opened my eyes to many things and has deepened my relationship to Him on so many levels.

I never really understood Grace while in the CoC because I never experienced it. When the Lord "graciously" intervenes in your life and shows you Mercy and Compassion, you have no choice but to surrender and serve Him with your whole heart.

We love our brothers and sisters in the Church of Christ, and our hearts break for them, knowing that so many are shackled by the chains of legalism. But the winds of change are blowing. There are those in the Church of Christ denomination that have heard the voice of the Spirit and are laying down their traditions and simply seeking God with their whole heart. And in the process, they have found their Heavenly Father.

Not just a list of do's and don'ts, but a living, vital relationship with their Creator, through His only begotten Son, Jesus. Our prayer is that the members of the Church of Christ denomination will open their hearts and eyes and see that their condemnation of their brothers in sisters in Christ is unbiblical, unfair and unwarranted in most cases.

We are supposed to be known by our love, not our legalism. Paul pleaded with the Ephesians to, "Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. As Paul said in Romans In Jesus,.

Is The Church Of Christ A Cult?

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How well do you know korean dramas?. Fellas, if you're in your 50s, is the church of christ a cult yahoo dating and dating and feeling like you're not getting anywhere , consider this a little friendly feedback from the Family relationships and the second generation Author: A minister of a church of christ is the leader of a congregation with an "Us against the World " mentality.

They will be amongst the first to tell you that they and they alone represent the only true Christians, and us such they will see that members of their congregation carry and broadcast this same belief system. You Mark, are a great person, an intellectual, a great thinker and you are doing more for the good of mankind than any member of a church of christ I have ever met in my life ever has. And you have made it clear over and over again that you are not willing to do this. In addition, consider the legalism involved within the movement.

Legalism in the sense that church laws, church rules, written and unwritten And they seem to have a lot of unwritten ones Are the guide and the laws for a member's life. Talking to outsiders, unless in the act of direct recruiting and conversion is prohibited. The church is all about conformity; anything less will not be tolerated. As for using their own Bible to point out the shortcomings and failures of their church, remember that they are taught to argue in a "Circular logic" which really does not acknowledge or focus on questions asked but returns vaguely to any point that they may be making.

Believe me, I have encountered this many times. It is the final escape for any member to use when they cannot continue or hold a debate or discussion regarding their faith.

Also, consider this as well: It's like a pack of dogs eventually turning on themselves. They are though, the stereotypical "Fair weather friends": Or so it was presented to me. I have to wonder about some of them. One guy was arrested for selling pornography at his video store. There was a city ordinance against it, he violated it, he got arrested, fined and lost his store. I guess that was ok though, because he was in violation of city laws, instead of ecclesiastic laws.

How about the one teenager who I noticed was wearing really heavy makeup one day. Word got around that her father, while drunk, slugged her in the eye and gave her a bruise

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