Issue Of Voter Id Card In Bangalore Dating:

Issue Of Voter Id Card In Bangalore Dating

issue of voter id card in bangalore dating

Our work is to empower citizens, made possible by your donation. File pic. Finally I decided to explore the ways to get the card reissued. I was very happy when I found out that Bangalore One centres issue a print out of the card for a small charge. I called the nearest B1 centre at Jayanagar to know their exact location.

I also enquired whether they issue print outs of voter ids. After standing in the slow-moving queue for about minutes, I reached the counter with a clear print out of my electoral roll details — part number, serial number-everything. The database that the B1 centre had just the door number and Bangalore, in my address. I showed her the print out of the electoral roll data which had my complete address. Ask your ward office to send us the full data and then come here.

Even if I go to the ward office and ask, how will I know they have sent the details to B1? I called up many friends and found out that the ward office for Basavanagudi is at N R Colony. I took an auto and travelled to N R Colony to see the office shutters being down though not locked at 12 noon!

There were some women who had come looking for the ward office. Hearing our voices, someone came from the office to enquire what we wanted. There were four or five of us with different requirements relating to the voter id.

There was even a grandmother with her daughter-in-law. When enquired about the incomplete data, this gentleman said: Banashankari centre will not have it. Anyway the last date is today and there is no use even if you submit it today. I am hoping this statement of his is right. I will now have to go back and check what are the possibilities to vote I do not want to miss an election definitely. May be they are more perseverant.

So what if it was another state. Related Articles.

how to get voter id card in bangalore dating

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