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It is based from the Kingdom Hearts series, and I used to love having Kingdom Hearts content in my Sims 2 game whether it was custom clothes, careers or majors, which is why I decided to make a career based off it for the Sims 4!! This is the first career I have ever made so I hop you like it! It is currently only in English but if anyone wants to translate it then please message me and I would be happy to include it!

Keyblade Wielder Description: You have just been chosen by the Keyblade after Heartless invaded your land. Now you must begin your quest to defeat them! Travel to different worlds and battle enemies to close the keyholes and save worlds! The main skills you need to increase are Fitness, Rocket Science and Logic! Level 1: Nobody Ideal Mood: Confident Objectives: Fitness 1 You have just been chosen by the Keyblade after Heartless invaded your land.

Now you must begin your quest to defeat them. Level 2: Struggle Champion Ideal Mood: Level 3: Novice Wielder Ideal Mood: Fitness 3, Rocket Science 2 Now that you're getting a hold of the basics, you have begun to visit new worlds and started more difficult tasks. Level 4: World Traveler Ideal Mood: Fitness 4, Rocket Science 3 Continuing on your journey, you continue to travel between worlds and close the keyholes, preventing the Heartless from bringing destruction. Level 5: Fearless Fighter Ideal Mood: Fitness 5, Rocket Science 4 Your strength has grown, and you are more successful at winning battles and defending your allies.

Level 6 Underdrome Champion Ideal Mood: Fitness 6, Rocket Science 5 After dedicated training and practice, you have participated in the Underdrome Championships and won every trophy that was up for grabs. Level 7: Heartless Hunter Ideal Mood: Fitness 7, Rocket Science 6, Logic 1 You have continued to hunt Heartless far and wide and you have grown in strength and dedication.

Level 8: Treasure Hunter Ideal Mood: Fitness 8, Rocket Science 7, Logic 2 On your journey you have discovered many treasures, which have allowed you to make a small income. Level 9: Oathkeeper Ideal Mood: Fitness 9, Rocket Science 8, Logic 3 You have fought to protect the innocent from the Heartless and in doing so have stopped the threat that they posed. Level Keyblade Master Ideal Mood: Fitness 10, Rocket Science 10, Logic 5 After much dedication on your long journey you have finally become a master of the Keyblade.

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School all i can do on at any time during. And heeeey I remember that part from kindgom hearts I always chose the staff or the sword XD. The problem here is pacing. I know every experienced gamer spends the beginning maxing their stats. Do you think it takes the fun out of the game.

I don't think that takes the fun out of the game. For example in Persona 3 I'd max out my stats Very fast might I say so myself 8D and then I'd do the social links I'd like, and still fought and trained and did everything I wanted to do. It's not boring if you have more things to do, like you raise a stat then you go do whatever Should the game force the player to pace or reward the player for pacing? You should REWARD the player for pacing, that makes people feel acomplishe you know, like in Persona 3 you'd get stuff if you had the best grades, It DID make me feel acomplished with everyone just saying "Wow, she's so cool!

The game does go by seasons, I call it stages. Stages are separated based on plot events, hence its less predictable. Main events are scripted on certain days, the Garden Festival in January for example would trigger the event in the demo. Once the stage pass and you missed the route event its not possible to get the best ending. Route events will always trigger before hangout if the player has enough relationship points.

Some hangout events require other routes to be at a certain point. Like you may need to hang with Riku and Sora to get a joint hangout event. So if you ignore Roxas for example til the last month, don't expect to get as many events. Best endings are triggered by completing all route events of the character, its okay to miss hangout events.

Visually Destiny Island is quite tropical and tends not to change with the season. Yeah a lot of time was spent planning ;v; but planning is very important, you can't write game mechanic without it

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