Kidney Stone Operation Cost In Bangalore Dating:

Kidney Stone Operation Cost In Bangalore Dating

kidney stone operation cost in bangalore dating

Flipboard Leave the pain from kidney stones behind Kidney stones are more common than we think. Though painful, they can be treated effectively, writes Saliha Nasline. ET Bureau Updated: Jul 31, , By Saliha Nasline If you have not encountered kidney stones in your lifetime, say thanks to your planetary positions.

This is because kidney stones are one of the most common and painful urological disorders bothering human beings for centuries. According to the National Kidney Foundation, one in five men will develop kidney stones in their lifetime.

Among women , the probability is one in A kidney stone is a hard mass that forms from crystals in the urine. In most people, natural chemicals in their urine stop stone formation. Youngsters who are software professionals and sitting all the time in front of computers should be a worried lot. As their smaller amount of water consumption and lifestyle tend to dehydrate them a lot, it leads to stone formation," said Dr Mahendra Jain , chief urologist and andrologist at Fortis Hospital, Bengaluru.

Also read: Rigorous exercise may cut arthritis risk The pain due to kidney stones is worse than pain due to fracture or burns, said Vijay George , a marketing professional in Bengaluru. Finding a comfortable position to sleep or sit during work hours was difficult. I ended up staying inside the loo one whole night because of the urge of frequent urination and pain.

Finally , I saw blood in my urine and the next day , doctors confirmed that I had a kidney stone," he said. There are two types of kidney stones: Treatment Though there is no denying the fact that they are painful, there is a definite solution for the problem. And stones that cause lasting symptoms can be treated by various techniques, most of which do not involve major surgery ," said Jain. The treatment for kidney stones depends on the type of stones that are formed.

Sometimes, following a special diet with medicines is enough. Otherwise, a minor surgery will be needed, Ninan said. There are some keyhole surgeries where patients won't end up in a hospital bed for a long time.

Some of the methods to remove stones are ureteroscopy , lithotripsy and open surgery," he said. Prevention Do not underestimate your sweat. Exercising is good for health, but it can easily dehydrate a person and lead to less urine production. This, in turn, could cause kidney stones. According to doctors, people should drink at least 3 litres of water a day and in summer it should be increased by another litre.

For someone who has kidney stones, he must drink at least 4 litres of water every day. And, not just that, passing urine on time also matters, Jain said. It is important to know that once a stone former, always a stone former.

Anyone who has had kidney stones should try to prevent its recurrence, said Ninan. The first rule to prevent stones from recurring is to "keep your urine clear by taking adequate fluids.

For calcium stones, one has to restrict sodium and reduce protein intake. Higher potassium intake can also lower the risk of calcium stones. The patients should give importance to frequent urination," Ninan said. It is important to know that beer and other alcohol contain purines, which may increase the chance of getting uric acid stones, but a small amount of beer may help pass out the smaller stones.

Strictly avoid diets high in protein, such as meat," he said. Alternative medicines Kidney stones can be effectively treated with alternative medicines too.

Ayurveda and homeopathy can help pass the stone and relieve pain. Prescribing medicines will depend upon the size and place of the kidney stone. Some people have repeated infection and they have to continuously take antibiotics, there's a solution for this in ayurvedic medicines," said Dr Prakruthi AS, ayurvedic consultant , Prakruthi Ayur Health Centre, Bengaluru.

A patient has to undergo some dietary changes while having ayurvedic medicines. There are some special preparations with moong, coconut flower, ash gourd juice and banana tree trunk -these are classical ayurvedic preparations that can easily cure kidney stones, says Prakruthi. Homeopathy not only helps to flush out the stones but also alleviates the pain.

The medicines can also prevent the recurrence of kidney stones, he said. Sign up for the daily ET Panache newsletter. You can also follow us on Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn. Read more on.

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For patients who can pass a stone without medical intervention, urinating through a strainer may be recommended so that the stone can be recovered and analyzed. The mineral composition of the kidney stone will dictate appropriate treatment and future preventive measures.

Stones that are too large to pass on their own or that may cause bleeding, kidney damage or ongoing urinary tract infection may need surgical treatment. We Care India partner hospital Clinic was among the first medical centers in the India to use shock waves for treatment of kidney stones.

Patients lie on a cushion during the procedure. In many cases the stone will begin to crumble after to shock waves. The sandlike particles that remain after treatment are easily passed in the urine. The shock waves are painful, so the procedure is performed with sedatives, local anesthesia or general anesthesia. Some side effects of extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy include blood in the urine for a short time after the procedure and minor bruising on the back or abdomen.

Some patients may also experience discomfort as the stone fragments pass through the urinary tract. Others may need another treatment if the stone doesn't shatter completely. Most patients resume normal activity in a few days, but it may take months for all stone fragments to pass. Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy We Care India partner hospital surgeon removes large stones with a nephroscope.

When lithotripsy isn't effective, or the kidney stone is very large, a surgeon may remove it through a small incision in the back, using a nephroscope.

The procedure, percutaneous nephrolithotomy, is performed using general anesthesia. Patients usually stay in the hospital for one to two days, with additional recovery time of one to two weeks. After the nephroscope is inserted into the kidney, the urologist threads an ultrasonic probe or laser through the nephroscope to break up the stones and extract them.

All stones and fragments are removed through the nephroscope during the procedure; none are left to pass through the urinary tract. We Care India partner hospital doctors performed the first percutaneous ultrasonic stone removal in the India in , and have treated thousands of patients since then. Experienced We Care India partner hospital Clinic urologists have a 95 percent success rate in clearing all stones with percutaneous nephrolithotomy.

We Care India partner hospital physicians recommend this procedure for people whose stones are too large for other procedures and who are amenable to this procedure, or for those who need to be stone-free either for health reasons or because of their jobs, such as a heavy-equipment operator or airline pilot. In these professions, sudden pain due to passing stone fragments would endanger the person and others, so removal of all stone pieces is essential.

Ureteroscopic Stone Removal This procedure is used to remove stones that are lodged in a ureter, and is usually performed on an outpatient basis while the patient is sedated with general or local anesthesia. The surgeon passes a small ureteroscope through the bladder into the ureter to snare the stone. Your procedure will depend on your stone size, location and your general body condition. X ray and IVP will ensure that the procedure chosen by your urologist will deliver the best results, and at time a CT scan might be needed.

Do not assume that complete stone removal either by laser or by ESWL will prevent further stone formation. In fact being treated or diagnosed once with this condition makes you more prone to recurrences. Simple steps are available to keep away stone reformation and mantain good renal health. Read more about these steps at www. There are few conditions or body functioning states which will increase your chances of stones reformation. Mainly related to food intake, digestive system, kidney disease or infection and metabolic disturbances tend to make you prone for stone formation.

Here is a pointer to refer, that once a stone has been diagnosed and even treated, the body will restart the formation until steps are not taken to find the exact cause or more precisely the causative agent. Most kidney stone treatment hospitals do not empasize the importance to get the expelled or collected stone fragments to be tested so as to take precise steps for prevention. In such case its mandatory to get diet charting along with steps taken to diagnose a metabolic disorder and thereby reduce the chances of being a kidney stone patient again.

Few dont's Do not cut down on water intake as dehydration will increase the chances of stone formation. Plenty of water will keep urine flow proper and expel early sedimentations regularly. Recent studies have shown that increased calcium containing.

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