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Kavea has hosted over shows around the globe and is counted amongst the top female anchors in our country. From anchoring to modeling, Kavea loves everything that goes forth and beyond the camera! In a very candid chat with Indian Women Blog, Kavea shares her stage fear moments, travel junkie stories and what goes behind the glitz and glamor of the modeling industry.

What pulled you towards modeling and being a TV presenter? I am a Naval kid and have been an active performer since my salad days. However, it was while I was pursuing my electrical engineering in NIT Warangal, my professors spotted my talent and persuaded me to hone it. After graduating and joining a top Indian MNC, I realized that I only belonged on the stage and in front of the camera.

I love the industry for its spontaneity. Every day has something new to offer, unlike working in a corporate job. This profession is more dynamic, and that makes it challenging. Also, I love the audience response I receive towards the end of a show or an event.

I feel artists in this industry are showcasing their talent, but they are often negotiated and not paid up to the mark. What has been your most memorable backstage moment at a fashion week or while anchoring a show? During a fashion show once, after completing my walk, I came backstage while there was a musical performance going on.

I and a couple of models started dancing impromptu, and then the entire backstage team joined in. Towards the end of the performance, I got noticed by a very prominent event manager and got my next big musical awards evening where I got a chance to act, sing and dance and also host a show in a theatrical style. This sort of a show was the first in the history of corporate shows.

What was your biggest fear before you first stepped on the stage? My constant fear is breaking my heels or tearing my gown. I have goosebumps before I say my first line on the stage but once I am there, I love it.

Share with us a moment when you fooled someone with your twin sister? Oh yes! This is my favorite part. NCC camps are the ones where you hardly get food. So there used to be a vegetarian and a non-vegetarian counter and we were supposed to pick food only from either of them.

Thanks to our twin effect that we could easily fool the ones who served us food and pick from both the counters. How often do you collaborate with your sister professionally? My sister and I both have been television anchors and Kuchipudi dancers.

We both co-hosted the Adtech and Besides that, we have joined forces as entrepreneurs to run our online business of hand-woven sarees. Having a twin sister in the same profession, what have you discovered about women friendship? But trust me when you a have a twin sister, its mischievous fun!

We both were hosting a show for the Times group, where Arnab Goswami was the chief guest, and we added creativity in our own way that literally brought the house down. Talking about friendship, the one thing that nobody can take away is the faith.

Link to the video in BIO? While both of us have similar ethics towards our work, friends, and environment, we both have a very different approach in our thinking and responding to a situation. You seem to be too much in love with sarees. Saree is my all time favorite. She was so happy that it was in use. Next professional experiment on your list? Well, as of now I am traveling and hosting some fantastic shows, and next is to get back to the camera. Recall the moment when you had to improvise because of something going out of order?

So what happened once was that I went on the stage for a prestigious award ceremony. And my next category was on technology. That moment, the entire LED set up went off. The spotlight focused on me, and the LED screen went blank.

Have you ever encountered sexism in your career? It was sexism that made me change my name from Kavya to Kavea. I was offered a random show almost at the start of my career because the organizers assumed me to be a different Kavya. This show was shot in a shady place in Mumbai, and I did it because I have always believed in being a thorough professional. Right at the start, I informed them that I was a different Kavya.

It had a slightly different kind of audience. I finished my event, and they asked me to meet the client in the room. I clearly refused and asked them to bring the client in the lobby. I had a little feud, and I walked out after finishing my show.

That entire event left a sour taste in my heart. I repetitively tried to put across that they were confusing anchors for somebody else and I did not need to do any of that to do well in my career.

So, from then on…I have never looked back. You have called yourself an experimental traveler on Instagram. Tell us more! An experimental place you have stayed in? After my show in Thailand, I went island hopping in Krabi and Phuket and stayed in a small room near the island.

After a show in Goa, I went to stay for two days in a kutir away from Goa near dudhsagar area. This kutir was only made up of mud. The bathroom, shower, toilet all were entirely made of mud.

I had to search for food near the beach and make it in the mud pots. Experimental fashion you have tried? So for an awards evening at Hard Rock Cafe, I decided to look different and not to wear stunning gowns.

It was a serious awards evening, but when I got to know it is at HRC, I decided to wear a halter neck short dress with Cat prints and white sneakers. Though it was something unusual for an awards show, it clicked really well. I was in Cape Town, and while going up the table-top mountain, I bumped into a chirpy female who was a solo traveler like me. We both started talking, and we clicked really well.

We grabbed beers on the mountain and went restaurant hopping the entire evening. We met the next day; and both of us being die hard foodies, we finished 21 restaurants and 18 bakeries in just a span of 24 hours.

One doubt that sent you on a vacation? In , my Hong Kong plan got shelved. My mother was suffering from slight asthma, and I had a massive cold. I sat in front of my laptop staring at the canceled tickets. My mom was visiting me then. So for the next nine days, we were traveling. Was this article empowering?

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