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Lenovo K900 For Sale In Bangalore Dating

lenovo k900 for sale in bangalore dating

Displaying of 17 reviews Sort By: I want to say that I bought a headache. After 2 months there was battery problem. I went to Lenovo repair centre and they repaired it. After 5 months the screen of mobile stopped working, I went to the service centre they repaired the mobile and took days.

And again after 15 days the mobile is giving problem. It is not charging. I submitted the mobile to service centre and they told me that the mother board of the mobile will be changed, they even dn? Within 5 months this set is giving me problem. What can I say battery problem, screen problem and now mother board problem.

This means I have replaced everything in new mobile set. I want a Lenovo company to replace this set and provide me a new set. But they are not listening to me. They asked me to provide the scanned copy of job sheet and invoice; I provided them but no response. Daily after two days i used to call them but they are just making fool of me, really bad customer service. There customer service is also pathetic. Is this review helpful? There are positives and negatives.

The phone drew great attention from everyone, including my senior managers to the local security guard at work. The Lenovo Launcher and their customized Android platforms are really neat looking products. The display is crystal clear and sharp. I honestly still haven't seen a phone which looks better than the K Value for Money: The specs are definitely great for the price they come for 24k 9 month ago. The other brand which offered all these features was a far 10k pricier.

This phone is built like a rock! The first time my phone hit the road from hip height and all I got was a small scratch on the metal. Battery Life: Lenovo sure knows how to sustain battery life. Service Centers: I can only speak about Mumbai here. My personal experience has been good. The staff is courteous and they deliver the repaired product on time.

Very Problematic: I had initially purchased this model online. However, the phone developed hardware and software problems and went dead within a month. The service center issued me a certificate and the online retailer refunded my money.

I used that money to buy the same phone from a local dealer hoping that Lenovo would have corrected this issue in a subsequent batch. The phone developed hardware and software problems within 8 months.

The service center replaced the Mother Board and Chipset. However, I now began having altogether different hardware and software problems. Even when they used to work well, I noticed that these aren't really high quality speakers.

I don't claim to be technical guru, but this is just what I've found from common experience. I'm also not going to say if the phone is a bad or good buy because that is for you to decide what's a flaw to me may not be an important aspect to you Regards, Santosh Is this review helpful? Waste of money, time and energy Piyush Nandanwar Mar 30, on Gadgets Lenovo has been the most headaching company that i came across. The devices that they manufacture are complete crap.

One of such crap device is Lenovo K The battery is garbage. It takes hours to charge and will discharge in 3 hrs. The service and tech team is horrible! There are some guys by name Surjith, Devendra, Lohith Nayaka who will fool you like anything.

These are shameless guys, no matter how much you yell on them, they stay indifferent. Absolute pathetic service team, and service centres who never stick to their commitments.

Never go for lenovo smartphones and if you have one like me, god help us! Lenovo K worst ever See Na May 24, on Gadgets battery lasts less than 8 hours if you have wifi or data on! GPS stops working while other phone at the same time and place working! No wonder if they deny to repair or changing the phone, this phone never touched water, never fell, never been in humid places, treated so nice since it was my first smartphone! Though its big its too thin as well, holding in hand is no problem.

Performance seems good and camera is amazing with crystal clear HD pics.

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