Men Seeking Women 1997 Cast:

Men Seeking Women 1997 Cast

men seeking women 1997 cast

Plot[ edit ] In the murder trial of a teenaged boy from a city slum, accused of murdering his father, the judge gives her instructions to the jury: The jury of twelve retires to the jury room. An initial vote is taken and eleven jurors vote for conviction. Juror 8, the lone dissenter, states that the evidence is circumstantial and the boy deserves a fair deliberation.

He questions the testimony of the two witnesses, and the fact that the switchblade used in the murder is not as unusual as the testimony indicates, producing an identical knife from his pocket. Juror 8 proposes another vote by secret ballot — if the other jurors vote guilty unanimously, he will acquiesce, but if at least one votes "not guilty" they will continue deliberating. After deliberating whether one witness actually heard the murder take place, Juror 5, who grew up in a slum, changes his vote.

Juror 11, questioning whether the defendant would have fled the scene and returned three hours later to retrieve his knife, also changes his vote. Jurors 2 and 6 also vote "not guilty", tying the verdict at , when Juror 8 demonstrates the unlikelihood that one witness actually saw the boy flee the scene. The remaining jurors are intrigued when Juror 11 proves that although a psychiatric test stated that the boy had subconscious desires to kill, such tests only offer possible actions.

Juror 7, impatient to attend a baseball game that night, changes his vote, but Juror 11 chastises him for changing his vote so casually and selfishly when the boy's life is on the line.

When pressed by Juror 11, Juror 7 eventually claims that he doesn't think the boy is guilty. Jurors 12 and 1 change their votes, leaving the only dissenters: Jurors 3, 4, and Outraged at the proceedings, Juror 10 goes on a bigoted diatribe against Hispanic immigrants "outbreeding" African-Americans. He attempts to leverage this with the other African-American jurors, offending the rest of the jury, and Juror 4 finally cuts him off: And don't open your filthy mouth again.

Juror 12 changes his vote back to "guilty", making the vote again. Juror 9, seeing Juror 4 rub his nose, irritated by his glasses, realizes that the witness had impressions on her nose, indicating that she wore glasses and likely was not wearing them when she saw the murder.

Jurors 12 and 4 change their vote to "not guilty". Juror 10, who says he still thinks the defendant is guilty, bluntly admits to no longer caring about the verdict and votes for acquittal. Undeterred, Juror 3 is forced to present his arguments again, and goes on a tirade, presenting the evidence in haphazard fashion and concluding with his disbelief that a son would kill his own father — mirroring his previous comments about his bad relationship with his own son.

He begins to weep, and says he can feel the knife being plunged into his chest. Juror 8 gently points out that the boy is not his son, and Juror 4 pats his arm and says: The jurors leave and the defendant is found not guilty off-screen, while Juror 8 helps the distraught Juror 3 with his coat.

In an epilogue, the friendly Jurors 8 Davis and 9 McCardle exchange names and part ways as Juror 3 walks slowly alone. A high school football coach who tries to keep order in the hostile jury room. Juror 2 Ossie Davis: A meek bank teller who initially does not know what to make of the case.

Juror 3 George C. A businessman with a hot temper. He has a strained relationship with his son, and is convinced that the defendant is guilty. Juror 4 Armin Mueller-Stahl: A stockbroker; he is very eloquent and looks at the case through facts and not bias. Juror 5 Dorian Harewood: A health care worker possibly an EMT ; he is from the Harlem slums.

Juror 6 James Gandolfini: A house painter, patient and respectful of what other people have to say. Juror 7 Tony Danza: A salesman; unconcerned with the trial, he is impatient, rude, and wise-cracking. Juror 8 Jack Lemmon: An architect who has two children.

He is the only juror to originally vote not guilty. His real name is Davis. Juror 9 Hume Cronyn: A wise older man who sides with Juror 8. His real name is McCardle. Juror 10 Mykelti Williamson: A carwash owner and former member of the Nation of Islam , he is a loudmouth, narrow-minded bigot.

Juror 11 Edward James Olmos: An immigrant watchmaker, he is observant and believes in the American justice system. Juror 12 William Petersen: An ad executive; he is easily swayed by others' opinions, and does not have a full understanding of the life at stake.

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