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What is OBD? It has become more important as cars have become increasingly computerized, and software has become the key to fixing many problems and unlocking performance. Unlike carburetors or previous mechanical fuel-injection systems, electronic fuel injection EFI requires computer control. Like its predecessors, EFI regulates fuel flow into the engine, but it does so using electronic signals rather than mechanical bits. That created the first major need to put computers in cars.

OBD vs. Virtually every new car sold in the U. Companies have plenty of ideas about what you can plug into that port. The trouble codes are just that, though: Trouble codes start with a letter and include four or five numbers, which together point to the specific subsystem and what problem it is experiencing. Note that in addition to the generic codes that apply to all cars, individual manufacturers have their own specific codes.

Finding these can be a bit trickier, as not every manufacturer is entirely comfortable with the idea of releasing them to the public.

Several aftermarket brands offer both OBD II data loggers and performance tuners that access critical vehicle systems through the dashboard port. Data loggers can be used to track more mundane things like fuel economy, but they can also record things like lap times and power output. Some companies also offer performance upgrades for specific vehicles that remap or alter software to unlock horsepower.

Since modern vehicles are so dependent on computer controls, software changes can be as effective as bolting on a new air intake or exhaust system. Check before installing. Dongles are sometimes issued to customers by insurance companies as a way to achieve discounts. When paired with a smartphone app, Hum provides vehicle diagnostics, roadside assistance, stolen vehicle tracking, geofencing, and speed-alert features for parents looking to keep teen drivers on a short leash.

In the case of telematics devices that send data across a wireless network, the network connection itself can be a second point of vulnerability. Just like any other connected device, there is no guarantee of invulnerability to security breaches.

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