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The ten Creepiest Cemeteries in the World 6. The Hooded Man The Hooded Man ritual is quite similar to the Elevator ritual, in the sense that it takes you to a world different from ours. This one requires you to perform a cleansing ritual prior to starting the game, like burning a sage and spreading salt on your front door.

If you awaken and your watch reads exactly 3: Some accounts have stated that other passengers may get inside the cab and sit with you, but you should never pay attention to them. Turn off all the lights and switch the television on. Get out of your hiding place and start looking for the doll, which is probably not in the tub anymore. Once you find the doll, pour saltwater over it, allow it to dry, then burn it and discard the remains.

Also, take note of the static in the television during the game, since it would warn you about potential, unwanted visitors wandering around. Begin the game at exactly Go to the bathroom and stare at your reflection in the mirror while listening to your surroundings.

Make sure that your wish is not harmful to anyone. Come now. If you manage to hide from the demon until 3: You are no longer welcome. Expect the prize outside your front door the next morning. Sure, getting a prize is great, but you might not want to risk playing this game once you figure out the consequences of losing. Daruma-san Daruma-san or the Bath Game is another ritual originating from Japan. It involves summoning a ghost which will most likely follow you all day long to try and catch you.

In order to summon said ghost, go to your bathroom before bedtime, strip yourself naked, fill the tub with water, and turn off the lights. Climb inside the tub and position yourself in front of the faucet. You will see a mental image of a Japanese woman standing in front of a bathtub before she falls on a rusty tap which impales her through the eye.

Continue the chant until you finish washing your hair. With your eyes kept shut, carefully stand up, get a towel, exit the bathroom, and close the door behind you. Leave the bath water overnight and get some sleep because the real game will begin the next day. Do not allow her to catch you by putting some distance between you and her. See Also:

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Ouija Board Image via: The Ouija board is used to connect with spirits that have crossed over to the other side, and somehow demons use this board as a way to enter our world and possess the people playing with the board or haunt their homes.

Researchers have warned people about the dangers of the Ouija board because of the unknown dimensions we could be releasing into our world. They say if people do play with the Ouija board, then they need to follow the rules of it and should never ask a spirit for proof if they are there. If you ask the spirit to blow out candles or give you a sign they are here, then you just gave them permission to enter our world.

Not saying goodbye allows the portal to remain open, letting any type of spirit roam into our world. The Closet Game Image via: If you hear someone whispering in your ear, light the match immediately, but if you fail to do so, its said that a demon will drag you into a deep, dark abyss that you cannot escape from.

This could also happen if you look around when you hear the whispering instead of lighting the match right away. Once the match is lit, you have to walk out of your closet without looking back.

From that day forward, whenever you go into your closet, you have to make sure that there is a light always on because the demon you had summoned now haunts your closet and waits for the day there is no light to snatch you and bring you to the dark abyss.

One Man Hide and Seek What the doll should look like after you add the rice and red thread to it. Image via: While playing this game, you are playing hide and seek with a spirit possessed baby doll. To do this game, you need to find a babydoll, remove all of the stuffing from the inside, fill it with uncooked rice, and add either your fingernail or a piece of your hair to the inside of the doll.

To close the doll up, you need to sew it together with red thread and then wrap the red thread around the doll. After putting the doll in the water, you need to go around your house, turn all of the lights off, fill your mouth with salt water, and return to where you had left the doll. Be warned, though, the doll may not be where you left it.

If it is not in the tub, you need to go and look for it and when you find the doll, you need to pour the salt water on it and then burn it. After this, you hide in your house somewhere and wait. Though these haunting paranormal games would seem very horrifying, one is somewhat tempted to play this game to see what horrors would be revealed into the realm of reality.

One might believe these haunting paranormal games to be just funny games who give a bit of a panic and nothing else, and will be tricked into playing the game; might be the trick of a demon who is hungry for a soul! But one cannot avoid the inescapable. If you think you have guts in you and mettle in your veins, go ahead and try what pokes your mind.

Some of the games can be played easily inside a room like The Three Kings Ritual. One that her ex-husband will also be attending as well. He was able to get on the guest list for this occasion. Two Alphas named Connor and Theron, want her to be a part of their triad that they are doing. She is many things, like funny, sexy, and curvy; however, she is also a human. Connor and Theron do not think that they will go for being in a relationship with two men at once. Giving them both a shot was bad enough, but now she is having to deal with a threat from within the pack.

Either she will be at the mercy of a vicious opponent or prove that she has what it takes to be the mate of an Alpha. Fans of the novel found that this novel has great love scenes that set their minds on fire while they read them. They were even quite inventive, some found. Some found that Tally was a great character as she told it like it is, her size, the way she does not apologize for who she is, and did not take any guff from anyone. These three Tally, Connor, and Theron are able to make a great group together in this book.

It is an easy to read book where readers will enjoy the characters and the story here. Some want more from this series. Some felt that they devoured the book really quickly and that it was well worth the reading time that they spent on it. Nita Islas is looking for love, and is tired of all the superficial relationships that she has had. Nita wants something serious, a true romance; she is ready to give one a try. So she goes through the Paranormal Dating Agency, hoping that they can help her.

The others have failed, but this one may be different. She did not think that she would find her date in nothing but a towel while he was on his back. Since both Ky Stone and Nita were in high school, he had a thing for her. He finds her curvy and funny. It was also more than just a thing, he was in love with her.

Nita took his heart with her when she moved away. He is sure he has died and gone to heaven, when he wakes up to find her leaning over him. Ky has not one clue as to what she is doing there, but he does not want her to go. It is fate that brought them together again. That and the Paranormal Dating Agency and meddling family members. There is a lot of explosive chemistry there between the two of them.

These things could tear them apart if he is unable to open up to her. Which may just ruin the great things that have begun together. Fans of the novel found that this novel topped the first one in the series. It is even more intriguing and is hotter, not to mention sexier. Some readers thought that this book was yet another winner from Milly Taiden, and that they could not put it down the entire time that they read it.

This was the first book some readers read and found that they would read more and more from this fantastic writer. Some felt that the main cast was engaging and fun, and when they interact with the secondary players, it was hilarious. Alyssa Moran has grown sick and tired of being the old maid with cats and no man. She has needs, quite specific ones and goes to Mrs.

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