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Pilegesh Dating After Divorce

pilegesh dating after divorce

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Divorce in Judaism

What is the method of a Jewish divorce? Just as marriage is a metaphysical reality — two souls fusing together to create one complete soul — so too divorce is a metaphysical reality.

For a Jewish couple to become divorced, the man must give the woman a document called a "Get," as prescribed in the Torah Deut. A Get terminates the Jewish marriage and certifies that the couple is now free to remarry according to Jewish law. Aside from the legal considerations, a Get can provide a sense of emotional closure — just as the marriage began with a Jewish ceremony, it ends with one as well. Without a proper Get, even though the man and woman have physically separated, they are still metaphysically bound together — and considered as if fully married.

A secular divorce does not count for a Get. The Procedure A Get must be written in a very specific way, and only under the supervision of an expert rabbi who is well-versed in these laws. For example, the Get must be written specifically for this couple, and a pre-printed document cannot be used. There are other complex factors as well, including the type of people who must witness the giving of the Get, and precise formulas for the spelling of words and names.

All of this must be done properly, or else the couple is still considered as if fully married. The Get document is written by a trained scribe sofer. It contains 12 lines of text, written in Aramaic which was the vernacular during Talmudic times.

The man hands the Get to the woman, in the presence of two authorized witnesses. There are no prayers or blessings involved.

The entire proceeding normally takes about an hour, and usually takes place in the rabbi's office. In situations where direct contact between the husband and wife would be difficult due to either geographic constraints or emotional displeasure , the process can be done via proxy.

The Get document itself remains in the files of the officiating rabbi, and is torn so that it cannot be used again. The rabbi issues a certificate of proof to both parties, attesting to the fact that a Get was properly drawn up, delivered and accepted, and that each party is free to remarry. A Get can be arranged at any subsequent time, even years later. Nevertheless, from the standpoint of Jewish law and as a practical matter, it should be done as soon as possible.

For assistance in arranging a proper Jewish divorce, go to kayama. Eye to the Future When getting divorced, a Get is not only the right thing to do, it is the wise thing to do. Regardless of one's personal convictions or beliefs, it solves a lot of problems down the line — ensuring free social interaction within the Jewish community. A second marriage is not possible without a Get.

For example, someone who is divorced for many years and then wants to remarry, cannot do so without a Get. Imagine the possible heartache and complications. Any responsible rabbi will refuse to officiate at a wedding unless both the man and woman show proof that any prior marriage was properly terminated according to Jewish law. Furthermore, if the divorce is not performed properly, there is a danger to future generations: If a child is born to a mother who is still technically married to someone else, that child may be considered illegitimate mamzer.

Such a child may be barred from marrying into the broader Jewish community, possibly depriving them of the opportunity to marry the individual of their choice. A very powerful novel, Yesterday's Child , deals with this issue.

As such, attaining a proper Get is an important component of preserving Jewish unity. When to Get Divorced Let's take one step back and ask: What is the Jewish understanding of marriage? The act of marriage is more than just a man and woman sharing a house, or having a joint bank account, or raising children together.

Marriage actually binds two souls together to create one complete soul. As the Torah says, a married couple "becomes one flesh" Genesis 2: As one rabbi explained: What is my commitment to my hand?

I "am" my hand! I wouldn't reconsider my commitment to my hand if it were broken, ugly, scarred, or if I met someone with nicer hands. When you get to the other the orange trampolines to get to the top of the platform free, and then work your way across identical disappearing platforms to the end of the area, where Come back here after getting the initial Shine, and you can get another one have FLUDD at your disposal however.

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