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However, there are some anime that focus on gender identity, LGBTQ relationships, or sexual orientation — either as a backstory or major plot point — in a more respectful way. Here are nine anime titles that do just that. Four years later, the two meet again, but this time, they are about to embark on an adventure to uncover the secrets of No. After ten years, the two girls reconnect. Together, they try to help each other go through romantic relationships and figure out their sexual identity.

The series focuses on the relationships between all its characters — including side characters — instead of only focusing on the protagonists. Viewers get the opportunity to see not only love affairs but also true childhood friendships, not the kind typically used as a vehicle for the characters to fall in love with each other. Cheeky Angel Cheeky Angel is a episode series centered around a beautiful girl named Megumi. However, behind that beautiful face lies a shocking secret: Megumi used to be a boy!

When Megumi was nine, he came across a magic book with a genie inside. When blood is applied to the book, the genie grants one wish. So, Megumi made a wish to be the manliest man in the world, but instead, the genie transformed him into a woman. Nabari No Ou Miharu is a mischievous boy who unknowingly possesses a powerful technique known as hijutsu — a skill that many ninja clans desire to become the ruler of the ninja world.

Unbeknownst to him, both Kouichi and Kumihora are Banten clan ninja. After numerous ninja attacks, Miharu has no choice but to join their club as a means of survival. The series follows Shuichi, a shy preteen boy who transfers to a new school. There he meets the tomboyish Yoshino who sits at the desk next to him.

Soon they become great friends and discover they share one thing in common — they are both transgender. The two classmates become close friends and learn to deal with the realities of growing up, transsexuality, relationships, and acceptance. The journey of Shuichi and Yoshino serve to educate viewers about gender identity as it addresses gender identity themes through both of these characters. On ICE Yuri!!! Instead, the gay anime series offered a view on the emotional rollercoaster ride of a couple who help each other out and support one another through major life obstacles.

Aside from breaking gender stereotypes, Utena participates in a dangerous duel for a unique prize: Revolutionary Girl Utena, in every sense of the word, revolutionized the anime industry. The series explores a range of themes from feminism to queer topics to deconstructing the prince fairytale genre. Citrus Based on a popular manga of the same name, Citrus follows Yuzu Aihara , a fashionable teenage girl who is set on finding romance and make new friends. However, her dreams come crashing down when her mother remarries and transfers Yuzu to an all-girls school.

To make matters worse, the uptight student council president, Mei , continually harasses her. However, as the two girls start sharing a bedroom and getting to know each other better, Yuzu discovers new feelings towards Mei. And although the series has its dark moments, it also has many cute and funny scenes.

The anime is the perfect combination of entertainment with a touch of realism. So, humanity creates giant walls separating them from the outside world. Despite the barrier, bears can still break in and feast on humans. Kureha soon falls in love with her classmate, Sumika , but the crush is cut short when Sumika also dies from a bear attack.

She's a big fan of horror, gore and mystery anime. Loves series, movies, and games that have to do with bloodthirsty but equally intelligent psychos.

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