Sending A First Message On A Dating Site:

Sending A First Message On A Dating Site

Sending a first message on a dating site

Well, not so fast. This means that the competition is high, and the ball is in your court to make the next move. Messages like these are a cop-out. Instead, send something original and thoughtful as your first message. You want to stand out from the crowd, not get lost in it. I recommend 2 or 3 sentences, at the most. Think about it, women get dozens of first messages every day. Do you think she has time to sift through your life story? Women like short, confident messages that make an impression while leaving a bit of a mystery as well.

For more tips on how to increase your response rate, take a look at my article on how to get women to message you back on dating sites. Scan her interests section for commonalities you share, including books, food, movies, or art. If you do have something in common, use it to your advantage. Some examples if she likes pizza could be: I do, too.

Are you a deep dish or thin crust person? But do keep an eye out for possible commonalities that might surface, and jump on them as soon as they come up. Telling her first thing is not only stating the obvious, it also adversely affects the way she thinks about you. Instead of commenting on her appearance, find something that interests you about her profile. Watch that Timestamp! Women on dating sites and apps are interested in finding men worth their time.

You should always send her a first message sometime during the day or early evening. Try not to reach out after midnight—and definitely not after 2: Megadating is, hands down, the best way to meet people and find the love of your life. With Megadating, you set a clear goal to go on as many dates as possible within a certain timeframe.

Say, dates in a year, or 50 dates in six months. This way, you open the doors to finding love at a much faster rate than when dating traditionally. Online dating apps and sites can be an incredible source to rely on to reach your Megadating goals.

But first, you have to know how to write a compelling first message on a dating site or app, and how to send them out at a higher rate than ever before. Luckily, I have a great solution for that. Click here to sign up for my official Mega Message Template—an amazing tool that helps speed up the rate at which men can message women on dating sites. You deserve to enjoy a great relationship with your soulmate, and I would love to help you find one.

6 great opening line ideas for your first message - eHarmony Dating Advice

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