Strictly Come Dancing Showdance Professionals Dating:

Strictly Come Dancing Showdance Professionals Dating

strictly come dancing showdance professionals dating

The personal enthusiasm and love of dance by these Stars is infectious and their willingness to share all they know to help each one of us improve our dance and love of dance so unselfishly is truly humbling and hugely appreciated.

Paul, Shirley and Amy Donahey and their team have been organising these weekends for over 50 years and are going from strength to strength with immaculate organisation at every stage.

Also, exceptional show dances by the Stars as part of the evenings. How often do we have these opportunities? Be truly inspired by Strictly and World professionals and have Work Shops with them. Wonderful weekends, this is our third and we have already booked another. Unsurpassed in terms of getting along side the professionals whether you are a beginner or already have dance experience.

Highly recommended. Bob Evans The teachers were great and all the lessons were delivered with enthusiasm and patience to a group of people who occasionally struggle to remember left and right, and as for the showcases, there is nothing to say except WOW! They had to be seen to be believed. Thank you so much Paul, Shirley and Amy, and the whole team.

We are booked in for a local dance lesson tomorrow, so we've well and truly caught the bug to move from armchair dance fans to enthusiastic amateurs! The show dances alone was worth the cost, spectacular performances from every dancer. The accommodation and meals provided at Celtic Manor was also first class. Our room was good, plenty big enough and clean. Wonderful weekend, full on, we have booked again for next year.

We have also been inspired to seek out a local dance club to continue dancing. Ian Bodell Celtic Manor was the most wonderful venue to stage such a great experience.

The team are always well organised and welcoming. Each workshop was tailored perfectly. The Strictly stars were of course fantastic in their workshops and showcases but all the workshops are. Kathy Hardy We met up with several couples from our local dance school with differing levels of experience. The Friday evening started with a lovely meal followed by a waltz workshop with Anton and Erin, a very nice routine.

Saturdays highlight was a workshop with Neil and Katya, a bonkers cha cha routine we loved. The evenings show dance finished with everyone on the dance floor with them both doing Gangnam Style, wow. Oti was tasked with a rumba workshop. This is one dance where technique is so important.

This was very well demonstrated and one of my favourites to dance. Janette and Aljaz took a slightly different angle with their slow foxtrot workshop. Plenty of technique in a useful routine. This was great to see, slow foxtrot requires a smooth style and the couples all looking fabulous at the end of it. The following show dance was brilliant with a great mix of styles.

They were brilliant, I even had a little cha cha with Alessia which was really helpful. I would highly recommend this weekend for beginners in particular as it gives a good introduction to ballroom dancing with workshops and shows, and the chance to see the Strictly stars too.

It's a hard working team too that make it a very fun weekend. Andy Walker That shows just how enjoyable Dancing With The Stars is. Would go more often if there were more weekends available. Have already booked next year. David Wares Thank you all. Roberta mott So much fun and the opportunity to be taught by the Strictly professionals and other amazing dancers was wonderful. Fabulous stay at the Celtic Manor Hotel, absolutely huge. The workshops with the stars were so easy to learn a routine and take away with you.

We looked forward to seeing the professionals in action, but were totally blown away. Their show dances were fantastic as the finale to the weekend. The whole event is suitable for all levels of dancers, from the very beginner up to the more advanced. Everyone fitted in together and there was plenty of room over the two dance floors to practice their new moves. Tracey Spafford The July one this weekend was also wonderful. Value for money is an understatement.

Paul and the Donaheys team are such lovely hosts. The Workshops are extremely good and the Showcases are simply out of this world. A very well organised event in a marvelous setting.

Tears of joy and happiness awaits everyone. Tom and Tracey Tom Shevy Fun packed, entertaining with lovely like minded people, and a chance to meet and dance with the Strictly Stars! The weekend is well thought out and planned, and the Donaheys Team work tirelessly to ensure everyone has a great time - so good we have booked for next year! Max Jones From the very start Donaheys were so professional and organised with such precision to detail for every aspect of the weekend.

The communication throughout was exceptional this weekend was amazing with the dancing lessons and the show cases in the evenings the strictly professionals close up in their showcases was breathtaking and to be able to dance to a live band was sensational. We can honestly say it is just brilliant and we have booked to return again next year and we cannot wait Gail and Karl Ballance gail ballance The classes were brilliant and the showcases from all the professionals were out of this world, to see them dance up close in that way was fantastic.

Paul and the team were great and looked after everyone really well, it was so well organised from beginning to end. We can't wait to do it all again next year at Celtic Manor. Thank you so much Donaheys!

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