Top Indie Singles 2013:

Top Indie Singles 2013

Top indie singles 2013

The Shhh - God Hates Us Janelle Monae - Dance Apocalyptic John Grant - Black Belt Beck - I won't be long Cayucas - High School Lover Polica - Tiff Lily and Madeleine - Lost Upon the Sea Savages - I will Jon Hopkins - Open Eye Signal The - Chocolate Cattle and Cane - I Will Rise Maps - A. Washed out - It all Feels Right Surf City - It's a Common Life Mazes - Skulking Omar Souleyman - Wenu Wenu Jagwar Ma - Four The Knife - Without you my Life would be Boring Valerie June - Shotgun Public Service Broadcasting - Everest Arcade Fire - We Exist Waxahatchee - Brother Bryan Austra - Hurt Me Now London Grammar - Shyer Joanna Gruesome - Secret Surprise 41 - 50 Sonny and the Sunsets - Natural Acts Moderat - Bad Kingdom Thee Oh Sees - Tunnel Time Houndstooth - Baltimore Parquet Courts - Master of my Craft Shannon and the Clams - Rip Van Winkle Big Deal - In your Car Daughn Gibson - Mad Ocean Darkside - Paper Trails Melt Yourself Down - We are Enough Matthew E.

White - Big Love Factory Floor - Fall Back Daughter - Smother Splashh - All I Wanna Do Atoms for Peace - Dropped Fair Ohs - Ya Mustafa Dutch Uncles - Bellio Serafina Steer - Disco Compilation Golden Grrls - Past Tense Caitlin Rose - No-one to Call James Blake - Voyeur Kurt Vile - Run Away Foxygen - San Francisco.

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They list 3 of the 5 singles, but only one listing is complete and accurate. They don't have a date for "Impressed Beyond Belief" and they are under the misimpression that "Terminus" is a different band as opposed to the name of a Vehicle Flips song, an error they compound with a bizarre review. In allmusic's favor, they do note that Frank went on to form The Gazetteers, but they don't mention Wimp Factor 14, his prior band. Increasingly, Discogs has overtaken allmusic as my go-to resource.

Let's see how they do with Vehicle Flips. They list all 3 CDs and all 5 singles. Interestingly, the 3rd CD gets a date at allmusic and a date at discogs. The CD itself does have imprinted upon it, but I believe the true release was delayed until That's kind of a toss-up, but I think I'm willing to give allmusic credit for that one.

Interestingly, the bio is nearly if not totally identical at Discogs and Allmusic. I wonder who stole from whom, or if they both got it from the same third source. Rateyourmusic, which started out focusing on ratings has gotten increasing reliable with discography's as well. They do OK, but not great , with Vehicle Flips. They mistakenly list one single as an album, and they miss 2 of the singles, but they get 6 of the compilations. Like the others, they mention the Gazetteers and not Wimp Factor 14 as related artists.

For old 45s, I've found that 45cat is the most reliable source, and we'll get to that later in this series. They also do well with the early punk era, but they're pretty spotty with recent as in last 20 years indie rock. But we'll never forget this beauty, which we also named the 23rd best song of the past 15 years. Click or tap to zoom into this image This is an image 6 of 20 The Strokes - 'Someday' Being the first of three Strokes songs in this countdown, these guys remind us that guitar music ain't dead and that, for as long as they keep making music, it never will be.

Plus, they recruited Slash to appear in this video - which can only be a good thing unless he's appearing in another video with Fergie Ed Miles This is an image 7 of 20 Click or tap to zoom into this image This is an image 8 of 20 Blur - 'Song 2' Even if you know absolutely nothing about Blur, you'll know this one.

It was their biggest hit Stateside, and it's been unfortunately covered by everyone from Avril Lavigne to Robbie Williams. Click or tap to zoom into this image This is an image 9 of 20 Here we find the second single the band ever released through Rough Trade.

There are a few versions of the song and the music video kicking about - but whichever one you prefer, we can all agree that it's an ultimate indie anthem. Despite the fact that it's gone all mainstream, this song proved that there was more to The Strokes than just 'Is This It'. Press This is an image 11 of 20 Pulp - 'Common People' Every indie anthem list needs some Britpop, and who better to represent than Jarvis and co.?

Back in , NME voted this song No. Click or tap to zoom into this image This is an image 12 of 20 9. Just one of the many, many times this song has made the world a better place. Click or tap to zoom into this image This is an image 13 of 20 8. Click or tap to zoom into this image This is an image 14 of 20 7.

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