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The idea is pretty simple. A military radio station sends out the Buzzer, which is received non-stop by other army bases. By stopping the buzzer, the operator signals that a command code of letters and numbers is about to be broadcast. When the transmission is complete, the Buzzer turns on again. And in reality they saw only an old ruined building. Mikhail Solovyov was the only living soul they could find on the spot. He used to work at the base and still lives in a village nearby.

We were told it was too energy-consuming. There is also another similar unit. Could it be that The Legendary Buzzer used to beam out of this building? And where is the signal coming from now? But some remnants were actually still there, like the journal that he found, with the last entry dating back to May The sound is definitely still there, wherever it is coming from, buzzing through the radio ether almost as if it always has…and always will.

Kavanaugh confirmation will increase global warming by 3 degrees Harry Reid comes forth to say Judge Kavanaugh didn't pay any taxes in high school Hollywood to America: California Gov. After state reassignment surgery Pennsylvania will henceforth be known as Transylvania Experts: If we don't act now, unicorns will be extinct in just ten years.

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