Verve Sound Of America Singles Dating:

Verve Sound Of America Singles Dating

verve sound of america singles dating

Sign in to view read count Verve is one of the greatest labels in the history of jazz, and Norman Granz was one of jazz's greatest producers. So why is The Sound of America: The Singles Collection such a mess of a box set?

This had such great promise. After all, Verve was home to many legendary performers: So a boxed set of Verve's greatest hits should be flat-out amazing. In , Verve released the box set you really want: The Verve Story This is the music you love and remember.

The Verve box set you don't want? It's The Sound of America: The Singles Collection. Let's start with this premise: Any box set that covers the history of a label is going to be inconsistent.

Accept it. Not every song can be a classic. Sadly, The Sound of America has an outrageously high ratio of schlock to gems. Count Basie 's "April in Paris. They cover some absolutely supreme jazz history, but also a lot of outrageously awful s covers of pop songs and show tunes.

There are 17 songs from Ella Fitzgerald alone. Some are all-time classics, but many are ho-hum pop and a few are so horrid, you wonder how they ever got made. Who convinced Ella that "Ringo Beat" was a good idea? Sadly, no one is immune to the schlock treatment. Even Fred Astaire gets one song. Was that really necessary? I know, I know.

When chronicling singles, your choices are limited to songs that were actually singles. Got it. So great album cuts are off-limits.

Maybe The Sound of America will evoke waves of nostalgia among folks who grew up with the hits here. For the rest of us, to paraphrase Obi-Wan Kenobi, these aren't the Verves you're looking for. Track Listing:

The Verve discography - Wikipedia

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