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Analysts at the time thought he would be drafted much higher, but partially due to reports of multiple failed cocaine and marijuana tests released the night before the draft many teams passed on him.

The NFL released a statement strongly denying the rumors, and Sapp today believes an anonymous snitch had intentionally sabotaged his draft chances. He ran the fastest time in the yard dash for a defensive tackle 4. He was almost immediately given the starting job as Buccaneer right defensive tackle which he held for his entire nine-year stay in Tampa. He finished his rookie season with 27 tackles and one interception and continued to be a prolific, intimidating tackler for the Buccaneers, 51 tackles and nine sacks in , 58 tackles and He flourished in the Bucs' aggressive Tampa 2 defense, which allowed him to put his devastating combination of size and speed to good use.

He disrupted the opposition's offense even when double- or even triple-teamed on the line. He made five tackles and two sacks during that postseason, and was a key component in the league-leading Buccaneer defense.

He started all sixteen games in his first season in Oakland, splitting time at defensive end and defensive tackle, recording 30 tackles 18 solo and 2. His season got off to a great beginning back in his familiar DT position. He started the first ten games of the season with 29 tackles 26 of them solo , and finished second on the team to Derrick Burgess with five sacks before being sidelined for the last six games of with a shoulder injury. He returned to his All-Pro form in Sapp and the defense were one of very few bright spots for the Raiders.

He had 10 sacks to go along with 32 tackles 16 solo and one forced fumble. He lost 49 pounds before the season, and recorded 37 tackles 24 solo , 2 sacks and 2 forced fumbles. On 3 January , Sapp told Raider owner Al Davis over the phone that he would retire and confirmed this on his website qbkilla. He is now reckoned as the prototype three-technique defensive tackle, and ever since his retirement NFL teams scouting defensive tackles have reportedly been looking for a "Baby Sapp.

Although he left the Bucs as a free agent after the season to finish his career with the Raiders, he'll be most remembered as one of the leaders of the imposing Buc defenses of the late s and early s. Controversies Mike Sherman Confrontation On 24 November , at Raymond James Stadium, Sapp was strongly criticized for a blindsided hit on the Green Bay Packers' Chad Clifton during a Buccaneer interception return, when he hit Clifton as the latter was jogging downfield, away from the main action, inflicting a severe pelvic injury and hospitalizing Clifton for almost a week, after which he couldn't walk unaided for the next five weeks.

In , the NFL Competition Committee agreed on new guidelines for "unnecessary roughness", making hits such as Sapp's on Clifton illegal. In an exchange caught by television cameras following the game, Packer coach Mike Sherman approached Sapp and said to him, "That was a chickenshit play. Put a jersey on! If I was twenty-five years old and didn't have a kid and a conscience, I would have given him an ass-kicking right there at the thirty-yard line.

Steeler running back Jerome Bettis shoved him, touching off a heated argument between the two teams. Sapp was not fined for the incident, but it added to his controversial image and he felt he had been made an example by the NFL by being fined for a second Monday night skipping incident described below.

It's unprecedented. In , during the 6 October Monday Night Football game against the Indianapolis Colts, Sapp was scolded for skipping through and disrupting the Colts, who were spread out on the field stretching during pregame warmups. Much anticipation and national interest going into the game had been generated by the return of former head coach Tony Dungy to Tampa.

The Colts wound up erasing a point deficit in the final four minutes and defeating the Buccaneers in overtime, sending the defending champions into a downslide.

His response: Make no mistake about it. Slavemaster say you can't do it, don't do it. They'll make an example out of you. The incident began when linesman Jerry Bergman mistakenly assumed that the Raiders would decline a ten-yard Jaguar penalty. Sapp, the defensive captain, shot back at referee Jerome Boger, that the Raiders wanted to accept the penalty.

The conversation became heated, with Sapp gesturing and swearing, provoking Boger to flag him for unsportsmanlike conduct. But Sapp and the rest of the Raider defense continued to mouth off at the officials, resulting in a second unsportsmanlike against Sapp and a third unsportsmanlike against teammate Derrick Burgess. Finally, the coaches ran onto the field and, along with the officials, began physically separating the disgruntled players. Boger claimed that Sapp had "bumped" him in the process, while Sapp denied any physical contact.

In any event, Boger then levied a third unsportsmanlike conduct penalty against Sapp fourth against the team and ejected him. The PNC Bank loaned the group money, but by the real estate market tanked and the project ended in failure. In the fall of , paired with professional dancer Kym Johnson , he was runner-up on Season 7 of Dancing with the Stars.

In the summer of he released a book titled Sapp Attack through St. Martins Publishing. In Warren Sapp's court, real people resolve real issues before one of sports' most outspoken personalities. He also participated in Fox's dating game show, The Choice. In January , Sapp joined forces with bioengineer and sleep apnea expert Dr. Jonathan Greenburg to raise global awareness about the importance of getting tested and treated for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. Sapp continues to be at the forefront of sleep apnea awareness today.

He was also a celebrity judge on the second season of the reality show, BBQ Pitmasters. On March 24, however, the charges against Sapp were dropped. The Associated Press reported 7 April that Sapp had filed for bankruptcy in an effort to discharge debt from failed businesses. In these Chapter 7 filings, he claimed to have lost his University of Miami championship rings and his Buccaneer Super Bowl ring.

Dancing with the Stars 7 Scores.

Luke's Gospel: Teaching Warren Sapp and Michael Irvin to avoid dangerous ladies | Miami New Times

The fact that he was later cleared doesn't change anything. It seemed like the safe play, a judicious use of caution. CBS exercised no such caution. But then, Sapp was formally charged; Sharpe hasn't been. Advertisement Which brings us, as all accused-but-never-charged athletes do, to Ben Roethlisberger. He got four games for, in legal terms, doing nothing. Couldn't CBS have given Sharpe the weekend off, if just as a sop? Info Warren Sapp I defended both of them because I knew they were the real victims.

Sapp and Irvin, like Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods, fell for the pussy trap — when a woman looking for an easy payday woos a superstar athlete or celebrity by catering to his ego. Eddie Murphy described the pussy trap in his stand-up movie Raw. And I have warned a lot of ballers before they turn pro about this trap.

I told Sapp about it. I've told ex-Seattle Seahawks running back Edgerrin James about it. I've taken guys to the club to show them how it unfolds: A big-time professional athlete has his own VIP table. He's buying bottles left and right. Dec 13, at 8: In the lawsuit, which led to the immediate suspension of Marshall Faulk, Ike Taylor and Heath Evans, former NFL Network employee Jami Cantor alleges that Sapp gave her sex toys as Christmas gifts for three straight years, showed her nude photos of women, and once urinated in her presence.

On the issue of sex toys, Sapp admitted that he bought Cantor a sex toy, but he claims it wasn't harassment because it was just harmless fun. Little toys for ladies that move around a little bit.

I showed them pictures and the makeup artists said bring me some, so I brought them some for the makeup ladies. Sapp didn't deny being in the bathroom, but he did deny the second part.

It's just not something you do. What is that about?

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