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Weekend Cat Coaching In Bangalore Dating

weekend cat coaching in bangalore dating

Also read: How to bell CAT in 3 months: Complete information on CAT eligibility criteria is available here. The no. The following numbers are as per last year's exam pattern: You can spend exactly 1 hour 60 minutes on each of the section and then move on to the next section.

You cannot switch between the different sections during the exam. All questions will not be multiple choice MCQ type. There will be some descriptive answers which you will have to type out on the screen.

No tutorial will be provided before the start of the test, and candidates are advised to go through the tutorials carefully from the official website which will be available by 18 Oct, The total duration of CAT will be three hours and total number of questions is expected to be around Practice Test Click here to access a practice test that has been provided to offer the candidates a feel of the timed sections, as well as navigation and functionality of the actual test.

You are advised to go through this practice test carefully to familiarize yourself with the screens, layout, and navigation of CAT After the test, candidate must leave the scratch paper at the desk. No breaks will be given during the test.

Registration Process You must log on to the website iimcat. Some cities will have more than 1 test centres. You can choose 4 test cities in order of your preference. Click here for the list of CAT test centres. The link to CAT results will be available on www.

Top 10 CAT Coaching Centres in Bangalore, Institutes | Sulekha Bangalore

Moreover the credentials are recognized worldwide, which is why even Indian graduates get plum jobs across the globe. But wait! And why would you want an MBA qualification anyway?

Each question carries three marks. Wrong answers in multiple choice questions carry one negative mark. Scores are distinct in each section and are not correlated. In all, the score is given in four scales with each section given a percentile ranking and a fourth as the overall score. The CAT exam is usually conducted in the first week of December and the results declared in the second week of January.

And there is no substitute to hard work. There are others who do it through correspondence courses. These people are a determined lot, a few of them from weaker economic backgrounds. Discipline is the watchword in their daily routine. But admittedly, it does make things easier to get guidance through mentors who can provide you with structured methodology so that you remain firmly on track and save time too. But there are so many of them in Chennai, like the proverbial needle in the haystack, only they are the haystack!

Tough choice indeed. I attended all your workshops which where organised a month before CAT and i still remember you saying its never too late,its fine you still have a month,week and if u can study well you can perform well in CAT. This wont be possible without your support and training and getting a good percentile in verbal was one of the main reason for getting a overall better percentile for me.

I am grateful for all your support. Your guidance for the past 1 year has been immensely helpful and positive for me. You have always supported me and provided the necessary and complete information for any of the query emails I wrote to you. Your guidance for exam preparation, interview and case discussion has been greatly beneficial to me. I would like to thank you and the entire team of TIME for all the guidance during this journey. I shall remain forever indebted to you.

Thank you very much, sir! I am grateful for their generous support. The enormous support by faculty improved my performance. The comprehensive analysis that followed paved way to improvement in speed and accuracy. Workshops helped me go that extra mile.

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