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Thanks for watching! Visit Website When McQueen was around 12 years old, he reunited with his mother after she remarried. They eventually moved to Los Angeles, California, where he became involved with local gangs. McQueen initially struggled in this new environment, frequently breaking the rules and even escaping several times, before befriending a staff member and settling down.

He later believed that the experience changed his life, saying, "I would have ended up in jail or something. Early Travels and Jobs McQueen agreed to join his mother in New York City in , but upon arriving there he found out that his mother had put him up in another apartment, instead of letting him live with her.

The job didn't work out either, and he left the ship while it was docked in the Dominican Republic. Before making his way back to the United States, McQueen worked in a brothel as a towel boy for a time. He returned home and began a series of odd jobs around the country, including working on oil rigs and in a carnival. In , McQueen enlisted in the U.

Marine Corps and became a tank driver. Showing his rebellious streak, he ended up in the brig for extending a weekend pass into a two-week holiday. McQueen was far from the model soldier: The only way I could have been made corporal was if all the other privates in the Marines dropped dead," he said, according to Marshall Terrill's Steve McQueen: Portrait of an American Rebel.

He hung out in the Greenwich Village neighborhood, a Bohemian enclave. For a time, McQueen seemed aimless, moving and changing jobs frequently. He discovered his calling with the help of a girlfriend who was also an aspiring actress. With support from the G. Introduction to Acting McQueen's first role as an actor was a bit part in a Yiddish theatrical production; he only had one line and was cut from the show after four nights.

Despite this setback, it was apparent that McQueen had talent, and he won a scholarship to study at the Uta Hagen-Herbert Berghof School in He felt a rivalry with Newman, a fellow member of the Actors Studio. The show became a big hit, and McQueen started to attract more attention from Hollywood. Around this time, he discovered a passion for race-car driving.

McQueen was already a longtime fan of motorcycles. His television show ended shortly afterward, giving him the opportunity to take on more film roles. With 's The Great Escape, McQueen earned top billing, showing the world that he was a bona fide movie star. Personal Struggles and Later Roles Turning to more weighty material, McQueen had better success as the title character of Junior Bonner , a well-received family drama directed by Sam Peckinpah.

As his career progressed, the actor's personal demons began to eclipse his talent. Their relationship grew increasingly stormy, fueled in part by McQueen's use of alcohol and drugs, until their divorce in Both of his ex-wives later stated that the actor could be physically abusive and was often unfaithful. He was almost unrecognizable in the film with his long hair, beard and heavier physique, and audiences did not know what to make of their action hero's portrayal of a scientist fighting against pollution.

After this project failed at the box office, McQueen returned to more familiar character types. He had been experiencing flu-like symptoms and respiratory problems for a while, before an X-ray taken in late showed that he had a tumor in his right lung.

The doctors said that his type of cancer stemmed from exposure to asbestos and was known to be aggressive and terminal. McQueen spent the final months of his life in a clinic in Mexico, seeking alternative therapies for his cancer.

He died on November 7, , in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, after undergoing surgery to remove several tumors. MacGraw once described McQueen as a "combination of farm boy and street tough," and it was this unique mixture that helped him leave an indelible impression on the big screen. Auctions and Recent News McQueen made headlines posthumously in , when his Chevy pickup truck—the last vehicle he ever drove—hit the auction block.

The Salvation of an American Icon. The book was accompanied by a documentary, released later that year. Related Videos.

Steve McQueen - - Biography

It is featured on the album "C'mon C'mon" The original script of The Towering Inferno called for his character to have more lines of dialogue than Paul Newman 's. McQueen insisted that the script be changed so that he and Newman would have the same number of lines. He believed that his talent was superior to Newman's and he wanted the critical criteria to be as equal as possible. Was originally slated to star with Paul Newman in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid ; however, due to a disagreement over the billing, he left the project.

Ironically, the billing method was used several years later when he and Newman starred together in The Towering Inferno He was very interested in playing John Rambo in the adaptation of the novel "First Blood".

He was actually slated to star, but did not due to his death. Sylvester Stallone got the role instead in First Blood After being told his lung cancer was inoperable, he went to a health clinic in Mexico to undergo a controversial "apricot pit" therapy that is still banned in the United States.

Was the first of the original film The Magnificent Seven to pass away. Had appeared, helmeted and uncredited, as a motorcyclist in the B-movie Dixie Dynamite , starring Warren Oates and Christopher George. Legend has it that the call went out for dirt bike riders to take part in this low-budget action adventure, and among those who turned up was McQueen.

McQueen's riding style standing on his foot pedals, leaning forward, head over the handlebars makes him immediately identifiable to bike buffs.

The "King of Cool" became a born-again Christian shortly before he died, due to the influence of his third wife Barbara Minty and his flying instructor Sammy Mason. He went through Bible studies with Rev. Billy Graham. It is interesting to note that this conversion happened before he was diagnosed with cancer, meaning it was probably genuine. McQueen's favorite Bible verse was John 3: In the s, he publicly threatened to break Howard Hughes ' nose if Hughes did not stop harassing Mamie Van Doren , a woman both men had affairs with, but at different times.

Needless to say, Hughes never bothered Van Doren again. Landau, who didn't remember McQueen, inquired as to where. The motorcycle mechanic at the garage was none other than McQueen.

McQueen likely used this then-unprecedented pay-or-play arrangement to guarantee the six-year semi-retirement he undertook after "The Towering Inferno", in which he appeared in only one picture, the vanity project An Enemy of the People He was voted the 31st Greatest Movie Star of all time by Premiere magazine. Had appeared with Charles Bronson in three films directed by John Sturges: Also, appeared with James Coburn in the latter two Sturges films cited above.

According to military records released by the Pentagon in , Marine Pfc. He joined the Marine Corps at 17 and worked as a tank driver and mechanic, which probably spurred his lifelong interest in vehicles, especially motorcycles. He received a commendation for rescuing five Marines in a training accident, and later took advantage of GI Bill education benefits to study at the Actors' Studio in New York City.

Had appeared with Eli Wallach in both his first major successful film, The Magnificent Seven , and his final film, The Hunter Had appeared with Robert Vaughn in three films: When he briefly left The Great Escape during filming, due to the fact that his character did not play as large a part as he would have liked, it was James Coburn and James Garner who convinced him to return. Because of its huge success and continuing popularity, it has become his best known role. Always resented the fact that Horst Buchholz was cast as Chico in The Magnificent Seven , the role he had initially wanted.

Photographs of his desert racing also show him upon this model. He also visited Triumph's Meriden factory in and for collection and preparation of his motorcycles. In the movie S. In real life, Farrell frequently cites McQueen as one of his idols and influences as an actor. In , with his growing success, he formed his own production company called Scuderia Condor Enterprises, which he ran until when he and his family moved to Solar Drive and he renamed his company Solar Productons, Inc.

Of all the characters he ever played, he frequently cited Lt. Frank Bullitt from Bullitt as his favorite. The last words he uttered on screen were "God bless you" in The Hunter He died shortly after the film's release. His only two appearances at the Academy Awards were as a presenter: Shortly before filming began on Tom Horn , he had quit smoking cigarettes.

His somewhat "squashed" appearance was due to a crash diet. Grandfather of Steven R. McQueen and Molly McQueen. In reality, McQueen was conservative in his political beliefs, with a strong belief in self-help. In he had declined to participate in the March on Washington for civil rights and, in , refused to join many of his Hollywood peers in supporting Sen. Robert F. Kennedy 's presidential campaign. McQueen accepted the part, but on one condition. He wanted a co-starring role for his then wife, Ali MacGraw.

Friedkin would not accept his conditions, and McQueen dropped out of the film. Freidkin later went on record has having regretted not accepting McQueen's conditions. Before his death, McQueen optioned two screenplays from Walter Hill: The Driver and "The Last Gun". After The Towering Inferno he was offered several multi-million-dollar roles but refused them all.

Turned down a role for the sequel to The Towering Inferno in Died of the same cause lung cancer as his The Magnificent Seven co-star Yul Brynner , though McQueen's cancer was brought on by exposure to asbestos and Brynner's was due to smoking. Felt ill during the filming of Tom Horn , and assumed he had pneumonia. However, towards the end of filming McQueen had begun to cough up blood. On 22 December , after filming had finished, he was diagnosed with cancer. Following the release of Bullitt McQueen found it hilarious how he was considered the coolest celebrity by teenagers, despite being nearly In that same year, he declared his support for the Vietnam War and voted for Richard Nixon in November's presidential election.

Saturdays of Thunder Was offered the co-starring role in Breakfast at Tiffany's However, he was still under contract for his television series Wanted: Dead or Alive , which prevented him from appearing.

The role eventually went to George Peppard. Suddenly, and with no apparent warning, he vomited over McQueen's shirt and trousers. Turned down Close Encounters of the Third Kind McQueen told director Steven Spielberg he couldn't play a character who was too emotionally oriented. Posthumously inducted into the Hall of Great Western Performers. At one point he approached playwright Samuel Beckett with an idea for filming the play "Waiting for Godot", but Becket had never heard of him.

Intended to retire after filming The Towering Inferno Turned down the starring roles in Dirty Harry and The French Connection because he didn't want to make any more cop movies after Bullitt Inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame in His friend and co-star Richard Attenborough said that if McQueen had lived for longer he would have been regarded as the greatest film actor since Spencer Tracy.

British band Prefab Sprout used his name for the title of their second album, released in Due to objections from the late actor's estate, the album was issued with the alternative title of "Two Wheels Good" in the United States. He was considered for Glenn Ford 's role in Pocketful of Miracles He was also nominated for Youth Rock awards in and Teen Choice awards in Also read: Steven R.

His aunt was Terry McQueen who died in due to respiratory failure following the liver transplant. His mother is Stacey Totem Stacia Robitaille. Both his parents remarried. McQueen has a half-brother called Chase and a half-sister called Madison. McQueen loves acting but also is skilled in martial arts, horseback riding, ice hockey, and kickboxing.

He also loves to play video games and poetry. McQueen believes in having a girlfriend who is unique. He had once said: He is not married and has no children or wife. He had dated Chelsea Kane in and He was with in relationship with Trisha Cummings in and In , he had been linked with Candice King.

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