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Who Phadra Parks Is Dating

who phadra parks is dating

July 31, 2: I dated a guy and that didn't quite work out and so I found another guy that's more suitable for me and I'm quite excited and happy about him," Parks said.

He's kind, we are both socially active. He's really sober and smart. He's a great father. So I'm excited about it. And she's positive her mom will love him. And so she was thinking he was adorable as well. So it's sort of all worked out perfectly. I haven't told my parents that yet because they're pastors in the Methodist church, but he's adorable and my mother loves him from the show he was on for years.

So it's no surprise the pair met using another piece of technology: And so the rocket blast came through and I answered the call. Ya'll know the little thug on there Quincy? So what do we know about Phaedra Parks' new man? I was discovered by Tyler Perry and I feel music prepared me for acting," he explained.

I've lived a real life and music was a platform to paint real stories. Acting just became another canvas to paint and make the story more vivid. I've been up. I'm grateful for my struggle," he said. It has given me a superior advantage in connecting with the characters I play and creative choices I make. I read the Bible in six months," he explained. Talent can open doors but not only that, it takes being relentless, being repetitive, doing things a million times a day and hard work are the only tools that can guarantee self mastery.

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