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Wwe 2k15 Promo Simulation Dating

wwe 2k15 promo simulation dating

Release Date: Visual Concepts, Yuke's Publisher: Fighting WWE 2K15 is a game about the back and forth of professional wrestling, a game that's less about beating your opponent, and more about putting on the best possible match to entertain the fans. It almost requires a different mentality to fully appreciate, as it plays more like a wrestling simulation than the arcade brawlers of old.

As such, WWE 2K15 feels like an evolutionary release, albeit one that's held back by a few flaws and limitations. The in-ring action is very much centred around momentum. While this isn't a new concept in pro-wrestling games, the execution is more natural and perhaps even quite logical, a word you don't always associate with the spandex-clad action of the World Wrestling Entertainment.

Matches typically start with rock, paper and scissor-style mini-games that incorporate the classic collar and elbow tie-up, with wrestlers further gaining or losing the advantage by hunting for a random sweet spot on the analogue stick.

It's a fun and fair way to gain that all-important early momentum, although you can still start things off with strikes and slams if you want to prevent matches from feeling too formulaic. Matches in which both wrestlers are dead on their feet can be very exciting, whether you're attempting to make a hot tag, or simply trying to be the first to hit your finisher and score the victory.

If you do find yourself on the back foot, it can be a while before you hit any sustained offence. Initially frustrating, it actually makes it more satisfying when you do finally reverse a move or shift the momentum by rolling out of the ring for a well-earned breather. It's a slower-paced style of wrestling where stamina is linked to reaction times, which can be the difference between gaining the upper hand when both wrestlers are struggling to get to their feet.

It makes sense that the wrestler with the most stamina would be quicker to react, which makes energy conservation a key factor in picking up the victory, giving the game a welcome strategical edge. Unfortunately, movement becomes almost agonisingly slow as the minutes tick by, which doesn't necessarily reflect the fast-paced action we see on weekly television.

In a bid to represent the psychology of putting on entertaining matches for the fans, WWE 2K15 maybe shifts a little too far away from the kind of zippy in-ring action that makes for an exciting video game. Dodgy or non-existent collision detection also hampers the in-ring experience, although the game is far less prone to bugs and glitches than past efforts, which is to be applauded.

In terms of game modes, WWE 2K15 isn't shy of things to do, even if the 2K Showcase mode isn't as comprehensive as the Attitude Era and Wrestlemania modes of previous years. It's a fantastic concept, placing players into some of the greatest feuds in WWE history. High quality video packages are used to get the blood pumping ahead of some of the biggest matches, as you follow a rivalry from beginning to bitter end. It's just a crying shame that with all of WWE's rich history to draw upon, there are only two feuds to choose from.

They're landmark feuds, granted, but it feels like it's missing some of the classic rivalries involving the likes of Hulk Hogan, Undertaker, Bret Hart, The Rock and Stone Cold, to name but a few.

The welcome return of a more traditional career mode goes some way towards making up for the shortcomings of 2K Showcase, although even this feels surprisingly undercooked. On paper, it's the most comprehensive journey you could take as a WWE performer. Ultimately, however, while there are rivalries, heel turns and plot twists, too much time is spent participating in matches with little or no meaning.

That said, there's a lot to like in MyCareer. Emphasising the entertainment factor, players earn experience regardless of whether they win or lose, and can use earnings to purchase new moves, abilities and more. There may be a lot of grinding, but there's a satisfying sense of progression as you go from a rookie with a handful of moves to an in-ring technician. Unfortunately, even though MyCareer seems tailor-made for customisation, the create a wrestler suite isn't as comprehensive as past versions - and everything takes ages to load - while create a storyline has disappeared completely.

We're also disappointed at the menu soundtrack, which has discarded wrestler themes for a tracklist curated by John Cena. Being able to listen to our favourite wrestler themes might have made those load times more bearable.

It's perhaps the visuals that best sum up the WWE 2K15 experience. On the one hand, many of the newer superstars look fantastic. They're big, bold and smoothly animated, displaying all the characteristics of the wrestlers they represent.

Cast the net a little deeper, however, and other wrestlers look like they've been ripped directly from games of old. It's a game with solid foundations, but one that's also guilty of making a few too many sacrifices.

It's close to achieving its potential, but just comes up short in a few key areas.

Jonathan White, Author at College News

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